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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Cheryl V., Luis, Javier and Chloe; Zeus and Hera

Email: -
Location: We were in Terrytown, La( Jefferson Parish), and relocated to N.C and plan on staying in N.C. it is a beautiful state.
Number in Household: Cheryl, 38, Luis, 48, Javier(M) 16, Chloe ( F) soon to be 9, Zeus and Hera (4 y.o. cats)
Situation: Sometimes I feel guilty because I am not as bad as others, I didn't lose my life, and only lost things that one-day will be replaced. We restarted in NC due to my daughter’s asthma. It has been hard, My husband couldn't find a job here that would pay all the bills and car payments, food, clothes, cat supplies ect. So he went back to Louisiana last week to help pay off bills, car and get us out of this black hole. FEMA approved my declaration of loss of all my things in the apartment and only gave me $2500 - for 2 computers, furniture, toys electronic games, memories ect. We are not eligible for rental asst. because we live in a HUD home. We pay rent of $450 but according to FEMA we are receiving help from HUD
Current Living Arrangements: rental house
Help: Red Cross, FEMA
We are good
Paper Products Good..
School Supplies Pens and pencils would be great - the kids have gone through my supply.
Computer Supplies Cartridges would be great HP 94/95

has grown so much and is going through clothes like crazy, she is a size 6 1/2 - 7 in women’s sneakers and only has 1 pair
She is tall and needs long XL (16) pants and XL shirts.. Winter is coming so it needs to be winter clothes, and she is in need of PJ’s (she can wear a women’s small- medium and any color is ok with her.)

Cheryl needs shirts (long sleeve( 2XL or 22), and pants 22-24( 2x) tall. I like brown, gray, black, blue pants, and shirts any color are ok.
Cleaning Supplies We are good.
Household Supplies I need some speciality cookware because I am a vegetarian and make my own things, so if anyone has a food processor and fruit/veggie juicer they need to get rid of please let me know.
Stores you shop at Wal-Mart, Target, JC Penny

3/8 We are doing ok. not great, not bad. Haven't won the lotto, if we did we would be great :) . My husband has been working for a month and a half. We are catching up on over due bills, and paying off money a person lent him to pay for the car insurance. Once we catch up on the bills, and pay off this loan we will be better. My kids are growing like weeds. My son took his SAT'S and did ok, and also took a test to get certified in Microsoft , which he passed and now is certified in Microsoft office, he is taking another certification in June, and is participating in a state wide test for computers, so I am saving money for some dress clothes. My daughter is growing like a weed, she is 5'1" at 9 yrs old. sheesh. We are settling in to life ok here, and are going to try and move out of where we are living this summer with our tax refund money. New Orleans seems so long ago. I still have days when I remember something I left behind, it will take me about 10 yrs to get everything I need at this rate, oh well. I hope you are doing ok, and that winter is being good to you. take care.

Kitchen needs are long
these are the necessities I need: Pyrex bowls, Corningware bakeware, mashed potato thingy(the thing you mash potatoes with). 2 pots one for soup, and one that is 1.5 qt( the ones I have are so bad that they have holes in the side ( not all the way through but on the paint, these are red pots and are made with some material that chips away mine have big chips in them). toaster, the toaster I have sparks coming out of the toaster, when the toast pops up, and am worried about starting a fire.
Not a necessity: food processor, food dehydrator, and food juicer- if you come along these, they would be appreciated, but it is not a real big need right now. thanks Cheryl

I just wanted to give you the heads up that Gary( dot, maryland) sent me a set of baking things( cookie sheet, bread pan, muffin pan)... It made my day. I had some bananas and made some banana bread. Thanks for sending him in my direction, he has purked me up on bad days.
The job I applied for called today, they picked someone esle for the job, wasn't surprised, but what the heck. life is life . cheryl

We went from wonderful 60's and 70's to 30's . A big change. I don't remember when we spoke last so I am doing my update. My husband got his first paycheck!! yeh. We are behind in bills, ect.
But it was nice to be able to buy food - the closets where down to a few cans of beans and pack of pasta. Right now I am not going to be on track for 2 months at least. My husband uses the car for work, so I am almost home bound all the time, which has gotten me feeling real down, but what can I do. I have been baking more with the baking stuff I was sent, thanks to you! I am waiting for my husband's W-2s to come in so I can file taxes and buy some things I need. The kids are in deseperate need of clothes. Chloe is growing out of children's clothes, and needs a whole new wardrobe,and my son's clothes are down to a few pants, and shirts. This money will be a great help.

My update... A person from a cat board I am on, is a lawyer in NYC , and on behalf of my husband she wrote a letter to the company that fired him. We are looking at a wrongful termination lawsuit.
I am still job looking, Teusday I am attending a session at a local job center to help find me a job. The good news is my husband got called in for a job. Friday he goes for orientation. We won't have any money for a few weeks( he gets payed bi-weekly), but at least money will be coming in. I got emergency food stamps for this month, but with this job, they will not be renewed, oh well.
I am hoping that I will be able to get medicaid re instated for my kids, this job only has health insurance for my husband, and it would be too expensive for us to purchase insurance. My daughter is asthmatic, and I need to see doctors monthly.
I don't do any other hoping, because everytime I do, I seem to slide backwards. The kids are growing so much. Chloe is growing out of her clothes like a weed. As soon as i have some money I will be shopping for clothes. We have a great Goodwill over here, so I can pick up alot of clothes for her for $20. My son is going to take his SAT's this month, and live is going on. FEMA is a forgotten thing, and I know things will get better.
I have discovered frugal living, lol. I hope , out of my tax refund, to buy a small freezer, and some canning equipment , grow some tomatoes, and save money. One day I will have a nice little house with lots of veggies growing in the back, with a cow, some chickens and a horse. That is my dream. It is not a big one. Once I am out of this hole, I plan on helping others by purchasing Angelfood ministries food boxes and donating one , when I can. There have been alot of people who have helped me, and maybe by doing this I can pay them back.
I know one day I will write you with good news, and I can finally say Thank you for all the help you have given, but now I don't need it.
For now take care, Cheryl
Our xmas was so so. As you know I almost burned the kitchen, and after cleaning the stove, discovered my heating element was loose, causing a short. I have called twice the office for the housing authority here, , the short caused a hole in the bottom, but the laborors who came out said it is ok to use. We didn't have any money to buy special food, so we just dined on rice, canned corn and some chicken thighs. Paula H. in N.C. sent the kids a few gifts, which helped make the day a little special, but in general it was a let down, I really don't feel like celebrating any more xmas's again.
Chloe picked out a nice pair of sneakers and had 4 dollars left so she picked out a Hello Kitty wallet that was in clearance. Thank you for it, Chloe was real , real happy she received this.
New Years is coming up and food will again be sparce, oh well. Someone sent some clothes for me for spring, Thank you that will be a great help when it gets warmer, I did have to pass on some things that were too short, to a needy family in the area. Thanks again Cheryl
My husband was fired for a driving violation leaving his job. The site manager/safety manager is a idiot. My husband passed a car Monday night driving home, because the car was going really slow ( 10 miles in a 35 mil) so he passed it in an area where the line seperating the 2 lanes was not visible. His forman, H.R. person spoke up for him but this guy would not budge, I spoke to him and he would not listen to me. He is just an idiot. I am trying to take it further, but now my husband is out of a job, there are no openings now until the new year. Toyota Financial called today, maybe about taking our only car back, we are 2 months behind, I didn't answer them, because I really don't know what to do. I am sick, with no money for medicine. My husband was called in for 2 other jobs the same time he got this job, but I do not know if they are still available, he is going totry again tomorrow calling, but as you well know people are partying for the holiday. My kids were supposed to be adopted for christmas by someone, and I have not received anything for them, so I dont' plan on receiving anything for them. I don't have enough food for the holidays, no job, and no gifts so I am not celebrating, and probably will never again celebrate it. I am looking forward to the new year, and hope that next year will be better. Thanks for the well wishes. Happy New Year. Cheryl
The good news is jobs are opening up for my husband , right now he taking a Welding test and if he passes he will be working 45 minutes away. It is a good paying job with benefits. I would be able to play catch up with some bills, but a better xmas would have to wait until next year. He also has 2 other offers of jobs, so if this doesn't work up something will work out. The kids are growing, Chloe needs shoes badly , but I am being patient, and she is a good child, telling me when I have money please buy her new shoes. For the first time in months I am hopeful
The Katrina Aid Today people are going to give us gas money, we are just broke, broke, broke. I am going to volunteer for them, calling other people in the state from Katrina and see how they are doing. So please keep your fingers crossed for some good times for me. Thanks cheryl
Please everyone cross your fingers, my husband was called in for a job that is about one hour and 40 minutes away, and it is for 5 months, but the pay is $20 an hour, I will be without a car during most of the week, but the pay will help us straighten ourselves out. He goes Wednesday to see a video, and fill out forms. So please keep your fingers crossed nothing goes wrong. Thanks cheryl
My husband is out job hunting daily , only to be told, come back after the new year. I was accepted to Guilford college, but was denied the attempt to consolidate a federal defaulted loan,so I won't be going. I am 2 months behind on my car bill, so it will probably be repossesed and I will be without a car all together. I am almost out of cat food, but some friends bought me enough cat food for 2 months, so I don't have to worry about my cats, which is some relief. My daughter's asthma is acting up because of the cold weather, and because of our money condition, I only turn on the heat in the morning and at night for 2 hrs, so her asthma is not to good, she is on a nebulizer. Other than that we are the same, I am not looking forward to the holidays, I would like to close all the blinds, shut off the t.v. and just lie down until they are passed, I won't have extra money to buy food for special dinners, or anything so why bother. Take care. cheryl
HI I just wanted to update you that I got my phone bill and electric bill paid for this month, yeh!! The Salvation Army here in High Point, was given gift cards to split among us evacuees, well instead of giving them out all at once, this is the second time that she has given them out. They have been losing money because every month you do not use them it is a $2.50 fine, so I got 4 gift cards that said $100 but were worth $85. I payed 2 months worth of phone and one month of electic/water/sewage and filled up my car with gas, lol. I could have used it for a nicer Christmas, but what the heck - at least I will have lights and telephone service. Thank you so much for your worry about this. I did apply to Modest needs but they turned me down, so this money was a great find for me. Take care and hope you stay away from the bees. Cheryl
we are not so good, what else is new? I guess it is the holidays and people shopping and me not having any money to buy things for my kids can get really depressing. Right now my husband's job looking has come up bad, I have applied on line to Lowes, Sears, MOses Cone hospital, Pet SMart, and am attending a job help program next week. We just can't seem to get out of this hole, and I am not sure if I will have phoneservice/internet access the week after next, if I don't find money, because I don't have money to pay the bill, or buy food for that matter. FEMA Rental Assistance has promised me help since last month and they keep giving me the run around saying I need this paper and that, I know I can't depend on them, but was hoping on this money to keep us afloat and have some money for the holidays, oh well that is FEMA.
11/17 update
This month is our down month. My husband went down with a friend to Louisiana to work at a job that would pay off our debts and help us buy another car, well the first week there, he had a gun stuck in his face by a teenager on a bike, then the job he was working at let him go because of not having a car( his friend was working a different shift who he drove around with.

Then he comes back up here 2 wks ago to take a test in S.C. only to be told they are not testing right now. So he is out of work and not being able to find work in the area, I have found him work all over the country that pays real good, but without a car he can't work. I am trying to find work, but am awaiting help with work clothes from a agency here. I dont' think I would be able to find a job with a pair of sneakers with holes in them. I also applied to 1800 charity car, and am awaiting about getting another car, I also have tried to contact in my area, and still have had no luck reaching them.

The holidays are coming up and I really don't feel like celebrating, there are all these things being shown for kids and stuff, and I won't be able to buy anything I wanted for my kids. Today on the View Rosey O'donnell was saying that they were donating about 500( ?) Nintendo DS for Katrina kids. What Katrina kids, there are Katrina kids all over the country who need help who are they helping? that is my question.

Hopefully the new year will be better, because the end of this year is really stinking. Sorry for being so down. I just wanted to update you to my situation. Cheryl

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