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Real People Relief is for individuals, families and groups who wish to help a person or family directly, with no "middle man" "Be The Change" Ghandi "I pray that I may not be tempted, by indifference or selfishness to withhold from others the help I have received." Author Unknown to me

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


William W


location: Pearlington, MS for the rest of my days.

Number in household: Bill, mid eighties and lots of dogs

Situation: Lost everything including transportation, home and dogs. Was in the house alone for the hurricane and was lucky to be in a two story house because the water came in at least four feet into the second floor. The water rose so fast furniture was floating, doors coming off of hinges barely made it up the stairs. Some of my dogs weren't so lucky.
I have been to the school and registered with different groups and have had some help.

This past year I have had the house gutted, roof replaced. Trying to make several rooms livable so that I can move out of the FEMA trailer. Working on kitchen, bath and living room. Have been robbed of supplies such as insulation.

Current Living Arrangements: Back in my house - still gutted. Got sick of FEMA trailer living. No heat or hot water yet, but better than a trailer.

Help: Insurance company says flood damage won't help. Salvation Army comes once a week with a box of various goods. Volunteers gutted the house and helped clean the yard.

I don't have much secure storage space so I only get what I can use fairly quickly.
Removal of debris from gutting of upstairs.
Dog food, Have acquired lots of dogs since the hurricane. Dry food is best. Simple medications for the dogs like heartworm and worming meds. A Vet check of them would get good too.
Paneling installed. It's been bought for a couple of months now, but no volunteers come my way (Leslie continues to look for assistance, but no one seems interested in helping)

3/15 Well I spoke with my dad yesterday, I was inquiring about his needs and he said he was not feeling well enough to talk. Of course I sent my brother there today, he said dad was ready to move out of that house. He wants a smaller house, he just can't take trying to fix that house any more. I guess you could say he has finally cracked. I have just found this info, so I don't know what we are going to do. Maybe this is just a down day. However he was like this yesterday and the day before from what I am told. Bottom line is he has had enough.

3/10 - from his daughter:
Spoke with him yesterday. He was not feeling good, his legs bothering him. He still has debris in his yard. " His house is coming along", that is what he says when I ask. I have been trying to reach him by phone to no avail. Will keep trying and let you know as soon as I reach him.

My dad was a captain on a merchant vessel. Before that he was in the Navy. By the way he just received his medals from the Korean War. I don't know if they were replacements, I guess they were.

Dad loves to read, when his eyes can stand it,crossword puzzles, garden, and watch sports on TV. You know he likes his dogs, too much for me. He goes to the VA Hall in Waveland everyday, since he is the treasurer. I think he goes just to give himself something to do.

Update 11/27
Visited with my father this past week. I could not stop crying. His health is nothing like it was last year. He is barely able to walk, he says his legs give out on him. He was very happy to receive a TV , thanks to a family in San Antonio. He can now see the picture.

His house is coming along. He is still in need of the ceiling taped, floated and finished. The interior walls have yet to be finished in parts of the house(Waiting on the ceiling). The bathroom closest to the finished part of the house has not been touched, the tub and tiled shower enclosure was not torn out, however there is some tile work to be done above lavatory once replaced and toilet.

I think my real concern for him right now is his drinking water. Do you know of anyone who can inspect his well to see is there is a leak? His water has been tested several time and is still not drinkable. Sent information regarding sanitizing a well and the info to get it retested.

All of the broken window have been fixed. The beading around the panes still has to be installed. Says he can't find it in Mississippi. This is a real skill - does anyone out there have this skill that is willing to do for him?

He met with Diane from Georgia, he said she was a very nice woman. She brought him some coffee, just like he asked.

Thank you for all of your help.

Updated 11.17
1. Light fixtures for all rooms (Ceiling fixtures)
2. Bathroom fixtures
3. Paneling for all rooms (He thinks that would be easier than sheetrock)
4. Still has lots of debris to be removed, including a house. (It was washed off of its foundation, he has now come to terms that is can't be saved. Only took him a year and a half.)

Shop at Wal-Mart and Lowes (closest in driving distance and less traffic than Slidell).

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