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Real People Relief is for individuals, families and groups who wish to help a person or family directly, with no "middle man" "Be The Change" Ghandi "I pray that I may not be tempted, by indifference or selfishness to withhold from others the help I have received." Author Unknown to me

Monday, November 06, 2006


Stephanie S, Shane, Collin, Abigail
Email: -
Location: Were in Lacombe, LA now Benton, AR. A year from now Benton, AR
Number in Household: - myself age 24 female; Shane age 26 male; Collin age 4 male; Abigail age 2 female; 2 female dogs
Situation: We left the Saturday before the hurricane and came to Little Rock. We have been here ever since. We have received some help through FEMA but right now they are over a month late on paying my rent. We must stay here in Arkansas for a while as we can't afford rent back home. Shane lost his job for about a month, and has just started working again, making it difficult to keep the house running. My insurance on my car is going to be cancelled this month if I dont come up with the money. We do like it here in Arkansas. I just really miss my family. We know not one person here which makes it hard but we are surviving I guess.
Current Living Arrangements: - renting a house
Help: - FEMA, Red Cross
Foods: Non-Perishable Only; Dry Dog Food Thanksgiving for sure. A food basket or something would be nice
Paper Products: Toilet Paper, Paper Towels
Cleaning Supplies: Dishwashing liquid, Laundry detergent, etc.
girl age 2 size 3t winter clothing
boy age 4 size 5 winter clothing
female age 24 pants size 14 shirts large winter clothing
male age 26 pants size 42-32 shirts size 3X winter clothing
Stores you shop at: Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy, Kohls, Goodys

My husband went back to work Nov. 2 and we started to make some money again. In the mean time though I had tried to call catholic charties and see if they coud help us out. Get us caught up on our bills so that maybe just maybe we would have a chance to start over yet again. Well I never heard back from them. I have called themseveral times since and they still say they are waiting on the goahead to help.
Ok so back to FEMA. In Oct we also found out that fema was paying our old landlord rent plus paying us rent. well we talked to fraud and all and know this has come to bite us in the butt. The money we recieved in nov was for Oct, Nov, and Dec. But since fema was paying the landlord also up untill OCT. they are saying that rent money is for Nov, Dec and Jan. so now I dont have the money to pay Jan rent.We ended up paying it but for the last week my husband has been out of a job b/c he is switching jobs and going to a better paying job with more hours. But it is putting us further in the hole to begin with.Our electricity is about to be cut off, along with my car insurance. My phone is the same way. every bill that we have is at least amonth past due. My garbage is way way overdue.
I feel like I am in this never ending circle. Everytime things lookgood something happens to pull us back under. I cant wait for myhusbands W2 to come. We were supposed to get a nice used car with it but i guess we are going to pray that we can get everything paid off with it instead. That is if we even have anything by then.
If anyone knows any place, person, or thing that can help us. we are so despreate at this point.
These are the places that we have gone: CJOHN( a local place)- we got a box of food from them and can only do so every six months; Catholic charties seems to be no help; Salvation Army has a list a mile long and we applied to modest needs a lil over a year ago for a new set of tires so I am not sure if we can apply again.
We are starting to get back on track again. All we need is just that little bit of help to get back even with our bills and such. Catholic Charties has let us down yet again. We have been trying to receive help from them for almost 2 months. We are in need of the basics so that all of our money can go toward rent and bills. things such as diapers, wipes, toilet paper, dish soap, laudry detergent, and garbage bags. stuff like that. things that food stamps doesnt pay for.

I am not asking for any toys for my children this christmas. I would like though to get a tree or some decorations. This is not really needed just wanted. My children have been given some clothing so they are really doing ok. Yes they could use toys but they dont need them.

Also if anyone is willing to adopt of two dogs that would be a blessing. We really just can't afford to take care of them. They are both females and have been fixed.

My husband is in desperate need of black pants size 42X32. He ripped his last good pair last night. He needs these to work in at work. Today he wwent to work in ones that have been torn at the feet. He really really needs at least one pair.
Thanks Stephanie

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