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Real People Relief is for individuals, families and groups who wish to help a person or family directly, with no "middle man" "Be The Change" Ghandi "I pray that I may not be tempted, by indifference or selfishness to withhold from others the help I have received." Author Unknown to me

Monday, November 26, 2007


Miriam W, Shanthenia, Alexis, Mia and 2 dogs
Location: - Lived in Mobile, AL. Now in Prichard, AL not sure i would love to be settled working and at peace
Number in Household: - me-35, shanthenia -13, alexis-8, mia-7 all females 2 dogs rosie and sophia both females
Situation: Our house flooded and because I was a renter I didnt get as much help as the person who owned the house. And what I did get I used for rent until the house was cleaned and fixed. Once we got back in a few months later, my 13yr old girl was sexaully assaulted and we had to move. Well we didnt have to - I chose to move because the guy stayed around the corner and I didnt feel my child should suffer any more from him waiting on the police to do their investigation.
So I found a nice man who let us move into one of his houses and pay him rent in parts. I'm also in the hole so as you can see there really will not be a Christmas for my girls. I'm separated, no job, fighting a disability case in court, I get very little a month in child support.
I applied for a sub position at the school board and passed but I cant afford to pay for the background check and transcripts and sub certificates that I have to have before I can be placed on a job.
I just want to get Christmas help for my three girls.
Current Living Arrangements: - renting a house and i start receiving section 8 on the 15 of this month
Help: - I've gotten summer clothes and some household items
Pet Supplies - Dry Dog Food, Flea control stuff
Paper Products - Napkins, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, etc. all if its not asking to much
School Supplies - paper, pencils, crayons and long sleeve school shirts (red,dark blue or white)
Cleaning Supplies - bleach and pinesol
Household Supplies - drinking glasses or cups, spoons and forks
shanthenia-13 size 18/20 xl, shoe size 10.5 adult
alexis-8 size 10/12 preteen girls, shoe size 2.5 girls
mia-7 size 7/8 girls. shoe size 12.5/1
Stores you shop at for possible gift cards or gift registry walmart,kmart, target

sorry it's taken awhile to get back to you, but we have moved. We were staying with someone who stole from us so we had to stay in a shelter and now we have been blessed with a home, so we are starting over again but we have a roof over our head.

i've gotten some help from some very lovely big hearted people and i'm so very thankful. but it seems a dark cloud follows my sun. i applied for a sub job with the school and was offered a job if i got the materials needed to work for the system you know background, diploma tb test and other things, well i didnt have it because right now i'm only getting 52.62 a week in child support.
i've been out of work fighting my disability case, it didnt work out but my dr found what may have been causing my problem all these years we hope i have surgery on 1-11-07.
ok i keep drifting off well the nice angel on here made it possible for me to get the stuff needed for the job but it took awhile to get the money so they had put someone else in the spot and now i'm waiting for a opening to come up. i thought that was gonna be my way to have a xmas and get winter clothes and things, oh let me say i got 75.00 from gbangels and i bought three packs of underwear, four long sleeve school shirts and a pair of school shoes for my baby girl.
i dont know if i was wrong to do that i know i was to buy toys but they really needed those things and i still wrapped them. they are very good kids so i pray they understand why mommy did it. but i'm trying to see if any one has any used boots or tights. i cant buy them because my light bill is 149. and my water bill is 64. so as you can see i have nothing to spare but i've asked for a raise on my child support and after my surgery i'll be back on the job hunt.
i know we are so blessed and are a lot better than we were a few months back so if we can be last on the list its ok.
if any winter clothes are availible my kids are size 8 girls, 12 girls, and 1x adult. they will need the winter clothes because i'm not sure the gas will be on next month i try to pay lights and water and put what i can on the gas bill.
thank you for letting me post.
i'm with other groups but if anyone helps i'll let you guys know. again thank you and God bless

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