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Real People Relief is for individuals, families and groups who wish to help a person or family directly, with no "middle man" "Be The Change" Ghandi "I pray that I may not be tempted, by indifference or selfishness to withhold from others the help I have received." Author Unknown to me

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cheryl B

Cheryl B; Terceira

Email: bluebiloxi20022001

Location: I lived in Long Beach MS before the storm and now I live in Biloxi I plan on staying in MS for a long time as long as I can survive

Number in Household: Terceira, Female, 4 Cheryl, Female, 39

Situation: My daughter and I have moved about 6 times since the storm I finally got an apartment but have truble paying my bills. My daughter has asthma and I suffer from Bipolar and I have no family and friends to help me with my daughter when she is sick so I have missed time at work plus I am having problems getting my meds so there are times it is really hard for me to function.

Current Living Arrangements: - Apartment

Help: FEMA, St Vincent


Foods - non-perishable only
Paper Products - Napkins, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels
Household Supplies - Light Bulbs, Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags, Trash Bags, Cook Ware, BED, Assistance With Bills, PLUS if I can have anything in this world I would love a HOME of my own for my daughter can play and have a pet that we lost in the storm
Gas Cards
Stores You Shop At: Walmart

My name is Cheryl and I have a 4 1/2 yr old soon to be 5 on the 1 st of Jan and I don't have the means to get Christmas. My job has cut my hours down to 3 days a week, I am 3 car payments behind and I am in the hole in my checking account and I just dont know what to do. If you need a list of what she would like please let me know. God Bless Cheryl

11/26 - am waiting for her to check her mail again to get the list - L

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