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Real People Relief is for individuals, families and groups who wish to help a person or family directly, with no "middle man" "Be The Change" Ghandi "I pray that I may not be tempted, by indifference or selfishness to withhold from others the help I have received." Author Unknown to me

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christie S + 2

Christie, Husband and Son
Email: Sutfinmom @
Location: Hattiesburg,ms
Number in Household - 3 husband (disabled) 45; son(several learning disabilities)8; self(disabled)31
Situation - rented mobile home during storm it was ruined. Between my grandfather and me we got a small 3 bedroom trailer for our family. no fema help
Needs - I am in serious need of electric assistance
we live on disability and its hard just to make ends meet and now my husbands sister is dying of cancer they also need help. I worked until I was diagnosed with dysplasic hips on both legs.
***need electric and gas bill help all of or agencies are out of funds Please help!**
Any help would be a God send!

boy(9): electronic games and board games, army, eyeclopse--
mens med. shirt,
mens 40x30 pants,
mens 9 1/2 shoe, socks
mens large Underwear ( colored boxer briefs)

girl(12): make-up, lisa frank sets(stickers&stationary), music, purses--
ladies med. tops,
ladies 9 1/2 shoe, socks
jr. size 14/16 pants

size 22/24 womens pants ,
xxl shirts,
10 shoe, socks
40D bra,
10 panties

Husband (46)
size 2 or 3 XL underwear (regular briefs colored) ,
socks have to be really stretchy feet swell bad!,
shirts 6XL,
pants 5XL

Family Needs
towels, wash clothes,
laundrey soap,
bath soap, shampoo
Dish Soap etc.

it is so hard just to catch up i dont think i ever will thank goodness for people who care!

Stores wal-mart. mostly at the discount stores to make money last a little longer


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Anonymous sutfinmom said...

I would like to add my daughter is'nt listed she is 12 we also need christmas help. all local agencies have filledthier lists all help greatly needed thanks for reading bye

11/28/2007 11:40 PM  

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