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Real People Relief is for individuals, families and groups who wish to help a person or family directly, with no "middle man" "Be The Change" Ghandi "I pray that I may not be tempted, by indifference or selfishness to withhold from others the help I have received." Author Unknown to me

Monday, November 13, 2006

Christa H

Christa H; Aldo, Eva, Josephine; 2 cats and 1 dog

Email: -
Location: - where you were: New Orleans went to Jackson MS and then Michigan during hurricane
where you are: Back inNew Orleans
where you plan to be in a year: I plan to stay here until New Orleans is no more

Number in Household: - Aldo Male 35, Christa Female 34, Eva Female 11, Josephine Female 3, Cats-Shadow and Minou Dog-Cita

Situation: When the hurricane was coming, my neighbor offered to take my daughters, my cats and myself to JacksonMississippi. Their father decided to stay behind with the dog and watch his job's vehicles. When we went to Jackson the power was out for a week and my fiance was unreachablethe whole week. My aunt from Michigan came down and got us and brought us up there to be with family.

After 2 months my fiance came up from Texas and brought us back to New Orleans. Our apartment did not flood but the roof was destroyed. A lot of our belongings were wet and moldy. Our landlord got the roof fixed and we cleaned most of the nastiness inside. The walls and ceilings still have holes but it is better than not having anywhere to live. We applied with fema and received enough to get beds, a futon, some clothes, etc...Red Cross gave us the initial amount (they were really nice) they also gave us essentials, Foodstamps, WIC.

Current Living Arrangements: - Apartment with lots of holes

Help: Fema, Red Cross

Foods: Soups (but not Tomato) Canned veggies, canned broth; dog food, cat food, flea meds
Paper Products Who can't use toilet paper with 3 girls it can get costly
Clothing: Blue school pants for 3t girl
Cleaning Supplies: Bleach, X14
Household Supplies: Pots
Stores you shop at for possible gift cards or gift registry:WalMart, SavACenter, Sears, JCPenney,Walgreens

I was wondering if anyone that can, please pray for my sister's 9month son. He was diagnosed with RSV which is a respiratory disease. She was told today that if he isn't breathing better by tomorrow he will have to be hospitilized. They finally came back to Metairie in October and now they all keep getting sick like the rest of us around here. Please keep Antonio in your prayers. Thank you very much,Christa
11/26 Update
Josie just finished celebrating her birthday. She turned 3 years old. My younger sister finally got to come back down here from Tennessee and we combined her son and Josie's birthday parties together. They had a ton of fun.
Eva is doing great as usual in school. Straight A's on her report card. She is growing up so fast.
The cool weather is coming back so I can start working outside on myfurniture that was ruined. It's alot of work but worth it.
I refused to give my chairs up and promised Aldo I will finish them this winter. What a job!
I won volunteer of the year for my daughter's Head Start school which is part of Catholic Charities.
Well that is all that has been going ondown here in my neck of the woods.

Christmas wish list: The only real things my girls need are clothes for cold and warm weather. Eva is in a size 10 and Josie is in a size 3T. They both LOVE books. Eva reads with a 12th grade comprehension.
Josie loves to paint. She could use a smock so the paint stays off of her clothes. Eva loves science related toys.
Josie's favorite color is Pink and she likes TheBackyardigan's and Cinderella. Eva's favorite color is Dark purple and she likes HelloKitty.
Household wise we really could use twin sheet sets for the girls and towels.

I really appreciate everything you and everyone is doing for us down here. I don't know how most of us down here could have made it as far as we are without the help from people like all of you.

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