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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Debbie S

Debbie S; Tommy, Ericka, Sandie Michael, Corie, Jamie; dogs, horses, goats.

Email: MommaDebbie7 @
Location: DeRidder, LA
Number In Household: 7+; 2 adults, 5 children, dogs.
Situation: Road out Hurricane Rita and lost a lot to water damage. The singlewide that WAS our home got twisted so badly FEMA totalled it. We're trying to salvage it since, but even with professional realignments, the roof doesn't meet the walls like it should and continues to leak. I can't stay in the 2 FEMA trailers we have because my asthma is so bad.
Our livestock shelters were blown away, but we were able to rebuild them with storm debris from a friend's buildings that were destroyed.
We lost our garage, but not rebuilt yet.
The fencing for our dogs' area was lost as well, and no debris is left around here to rebuild it with.
We've tried to seal our roof - using what money we had. It still hasn't worked.
Tommy's job slowed down and I picked up a job to try and fill in the gaps to catch up, but it hasn't worked that way yet.
Current Living Situation: Still on our own property, thankfully! Trying to transition into our old home due to the fumes in the FEMA campers.
Help: FEMA, Friends
Needs: We're not asking for money.
Livestock: Hay, dirt, sand, feed for horses and goats.
Dogs: Food, material to build a new fence for their area, normal flea meds.
House: Materials to repair water damage in Kitchen, bathrooms; to seal roof properly. The household could also use towels, wash cloths, area rugs

Children: We really want Christmas for them this year...
Ericka: age 14(girl)...she wears sizes pants-15 1/2jr, shirt med-large jr's, shoe-10 women.
Her likes are: anything Winnie the pooh(lol), Scrapbook stuff, writing stuff(she writes great short stories), Hair stuff(ribbons, barrettes, ties, etc.), Stuffed animals.

Her needs - Sleep wear, coat, socks ( size 9 bootie), underwear(bikini's size 7), Clothing(pants, shirts, Bra's(38/DD)

Sadie: age 12 (girl)...pants-14 1/2-15 1/2 girls, shirts-16-18 girls, shoes- 7 1/2 women's.
Her likes are: cd player, volleyball set, stuffed animals(, make-up, nail stuff
Her Needs: Sleep wear, pants, coat, socks, under wear(jr size 5), shoes(size 7 1/2),

age 15 (boy) has Autism, pants- 29 x 32 1/2, shirts- med/tall, shoe 10 1/2 men's
His needs - Clothing, socks, shoes, underwear and sleepwear.

His likes are: Glow in the dark stuff(for wall's and ceiling), Lego set's, Art stuff(marker's, color's, and color pencils), Race car stuff, He loves to draw houses...and does a really good job of it too...:)
Corie: age 11(girl twin).... Pants 14 1/2..,shirt- Large girls, Shoe- 7 1/2 women's
Her likes are: Make-up(Lt color's to play in.), Jewelry(any kind), Hair stuff( barrette's, hair ties, bows, etc.) Perfume, lotion.

Her Needs: Clothing( Pants, Shirts, coat, Shoes(size 7), Sleep wear, socks, underwear( 5 jrs)

Jamie: age 11( girl twin)....Pants- 15/16jr, shirt-large Jr., shoe- 7 women's.
Her likes are: Make-up, Jewelry(any kind), hair stuff (bows, barrett's, hair tie's, etc), a camera.
Her Needs: Jamie's Needs- coat, sleep wear, pants(size 15/16 jrs), shirts, socks, under wear( size 7 )

All kids could also use new sheets and blankies (twin Size)

We have had a VERY BAD YEAR this year..One of my twin daughter's came down with KIDNEY FAILURE...she has had 1 transplant that failed with in 3 days...they had to remove it. We have spent any money that we had set aside for Christmas on trips to New Orleans to the Tulane Hospital there..we have basically been there all year. I have been talking to Dayle at Citizans group Data Base....she knows we have been threw pure hell. My daughter is now on Hemo Dialysis and waiting for another transplant when one is found.

Thanks so much for the medical info...We just got one of my 11yr old twin daughters out of the hospital on Monday of last week. She spent 5 days in PICU and another 4 in a regular room. She had a stomach virus and apparently her immune system attacked her Kidneys. That sent her blood pressure up almost into the 300's on top and bottom..she is still not out of the woods yet...we are waiting on test results. She is on blood pressure meds now and will be till the doctors say she can get off of them. She had a kidney biopsy and it still didn't tell them what happened. She lost the use of her legs for some reason but is getting them back now...she is still very unsteady on her feet. They don't seem to know what happened. She had no temp, and all signs were of the virus. So this medical info that you sent might be necessary now. Thanks so much for all you do for your groups and others.
11/28 Update
Sorry It has been so long....We have more damage from October Storms and have yet been Considered a Disaster area again. Fema is again coming today for that. It is a separate disaster from the Hurricane. We have had torrential rain fall, with very strong winds that have caused flooding and more wind damage.

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