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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Penny G

Penny G; Gabe, Alyssa, Alba; Fuzzyface and Spaz (cats)


Location: We evacuated from St Bernard parish before the hurricane, and have been in several states since then. We are currently back in Louisiana, but hope to relocate to Raleigh area, NC

NUMBER IN HOUSEHOLD: 6 Penny (38F), Gabe (36M), alyssa (8F), Alba (64F), Fuzzyface (2yo cat) and Spaz (2 yo cat)

SITUATION: We lived in St Bernard Parish before the storm, and lost everything. We have been in MS, AL, AR and NV since Katrina and are now back in LA. There are many people we've never met that have helped us with clothes and necessities. But we've found that as time passes, more and more people in other places treat those of us from the Storm with disdain and sometimes downright cruelty. We spent the longest amount of time in Nevada, and left when we couldn't take it anymore. People scrawled messages on our car, threw things at our door, taunted my daughter whenever she was outside....and as qualified as my husband and I both are, we were always "not right for the job" when it was known we were from LA. Haven't quite figured out what it is that makes so many look down on us Katrina victims, but many I have spoken with have had similar experiences.

CURRENT LIVING ARRANGEMENT: All 4 of us and the 2 cats are presently living in a 1 BR loft. Not much room, not too comfortable and no privacy....but with the present rental market in LA, it's all we can afford.

We had some help from FEMA in the beginning, but they stopped helping with rent because we didn't have "a realistic housing plan". We have been qualified for an SBA relocation loan and would like to buy a new home in NC, but have no place to stay there, so we try to make the trip back and forth as often as we can to search for a new home.

NEEDS: If anyone has a place that isn't being used in Raleigh area of NC, even if just for a few days, it would certainly help in housing search.
FOOD: We manage
COMPUTER SUPPLIES: Dell 924 printer Ink is always needed
SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Navy blue pants, skirts in size 10 plus could be used (my daughter rotates 2 skirts)
CLOTHING: Shoes seem to be what we needmost. Ladies size 10, men's size 10 or girl's 3.5

Christmas List
The one we are concerned about for Christmas is our daughter. She likes anything to do with science/nature, arts and crafts and of course, Bratz. Her biggest wish for months has been any type of portable game device (we travel a lot in our housing search and she gets bored in the car).

As for us, some new pillows would be great....ours have definitely seen better days!

We have just had to move into a 2BR apt. It is more comfortable, but a lot more expensive as well. They let us live together in a 1BR when there were no 2 BR available and now that 2BR have been rebuilt, we had to move into a larger unit.

The person who adopted us for Christmas has contacted me and I gave her the new address as well.

THanks for all your efforts....and still caring.
It really took a load off my mind to know that my daughter would have something for Christmas

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