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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Robert W and Family

Robert W.; Karen, Eileen, Victoria

email -
Location: - was in east biloxi with my wife 7 mths pregnant - the house was a total loss nothing left, then mother in laws living room, then the holiday cruise ship. Now in a moldy FEMA trailer in desparate need of repair. Where I want to be is in a safe home of our own with a yard for our girls to play in.

Number in Household: - 4 people my wife Karen 33,Eileen 1,Victoria 7 mths (Premmie) and myself Robert 38
Situation: we lost the house we were renting and belongings to Katrina. Eileen was born while we were on the cruise ship. We were moved to a FEMA mobile home 1 week before Thanksgiving 2005. On may 12th of this year our second daughter was born 3 and a half months premature she weighted 1.3 oz. Sept of this year she came home. We spent 4 months in Mobile AL. While in Mobile I had to give up my job at the IP Hotel and Casino and find one over in Mobile until Victoria came home. We can never seem to catch the bills up or find a place to decent place to live
Current Living Arrangements: -moldy FEMA mobile home with weakening floor
Help: - some money from FEMA and a FEMA mobile home, money from Red Cross, TANF 1 time payment, emergency food stamps, various clothes and food from different individuals and friends and family and churches
Needs: Help with getting a home or rental assistance
Foods any but especially fruits and vegetables and baby food, juice for the babies, speghettio's, spam, tuna
Paper Products Paper Towels, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, napkins, diapers size 5 and size 2, baby wipes
School Supplies notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, etc.

Computer Supplies Lexmark #1 ink cartridge, computer paper
Cleaning Supplies Windex, Dishwashing liquid, Laundry detergent, fabric softener, disinfectant spray, mop, pinesol
Household Supplies light bulbs, kitchen supplies (pans, pots, etc.), pot holders

men's size 36/30 pants (prefer wrangler jeans), men's large shirts,
women's size 18-20 pants or skirts prefer black or purple, XL or large women's shirts,
3-6 months girls clothing
12-18 months girls clothing
Stores you shop at: Walmart, WinnDixie, Target

3/4 We are unpacking and putting stuff away little by little. It's getting quite fun because the trailer we have is smaller than the FEMA one but this one has more useable space. We turned one bedroom into a storage room beacuse it was too small for really anything else.
We have some stuff put away and working on more. We had our first party here at our new house - Karen and I invited 2 friends of ours and broke in my new grill - it was a hit. There was not that much food left and we all left the table stuffed.
We are still looking for another rocker for the living room and a love seat.
I'm enjoying my new job at The Island View. They seem to like me and started me in one of the hardest stations - its called the island where you are in charge of all the salad, fruit and eggs made to order. I enjoy going to work now - LOL where as when I worked At IP and didnt like it at all - I was always stressed out and crabby
The trailer is older but more sturdy than the FEMA one. I have to give them the keys tomorrow - I will be so happy to do that! hehehe well just wanted to let you know whats going on

The good news is we found a house - its an older trailor and we are renting but hey! - it beats here and we don't have to deal with FEMA. It's a 2 bedroom 1 bath. We will be out of here by Saturday and we can't wait. It's not the same power company - the one the new trailor is on Mississippi Power. They are much cheaper besides the power company we have now tried to double charge me for something. Did I tell you I quit the IP and am going to work at the Island View - I start the 1st of March. The rent on the new trailor is 500 a month - you can't find hardly anything for under 700 a month and as far as buying goes - I kept getting the turn down saying you dont have enough or you got bad credit. Well we have a long day tomorrow - talk to you soon to let you know what happens.

We had no water pressure earlier now we have no water what so ever. I called F.E.M.A. - it's an emergency work order. They have 6 hours to respond but who can wait 6 hours without water and what I mean by no water is no bathing no toilet no nothing. I'm just so tired of fighting for every little crumb.
We get should get my W-2 sometime this week - after we file it's 2 weeks before we get it back. We have planned to use half of it as a down payment to get a house and get the heck out of here.
Eileen and Vickie are good. Karen still has a little trouble getting around some days. I'm looking for another job - last week was the last straw at IP. But we are making it and hope to get a place in the country to raise the girls.
Sorry for such a sour letter - LOL - but like I said I'm tired - but I'm happy. I have Karen and the girls.

Little Victoria is sick with 2 ear infections and a nasty cough. She's been to the Dr and he prescribed some meds for her, but they dont seem to be doing the trick - it sounds like its getting worse. Also Eileen is sick too but she's just got a cough and runny nose. Karen's still not feeling good but she's getting a little better. Me, I'm just tired - lol sleep deprivation is great! I'mlucky to get 2 hours sleep then go to work. We are working on getting a house and still fighting with FEMA. Then again why bother - Feb 28 we have to be out anyway

We had a really good Christmas thanks to some caring individuals that sent us some stuff and a Sunday school class full of elves who stopped by with presents galore including a grocery card and gas card (which made it possible for us to go to my mother-in-laws for Christmas). Karen's follow up visit with the doctor is January 3rd and she can't do much of anything until then. Everything is going ok though.

Happy New Year,


Karen's surgery went fine. She won't be able to lift anymore than 5 lbs until after the 3rd and needs help with the girls, cooking, and housework. We could sure use a couple meals or gift certificates to a take out restaurant if you know anyone who can help.

12/11 its 1:39 in the morning and I'm really tired but I have a chance to do this because everyone is asleep ok. Now for the update - my wife karen found out she has a hernia and is going to need surgery very soon the hernia is the size of a softball and is hard as a rock she can't eat hardly eat anything much less pick up our two kids. The light bill is in disconnect, there is no gas in the propane tank for the furnace and it's getting below freezing here as of late. My wife and I can put on extra clothes and the cold won't bother us that much but we have 2 infant girls one is 3 months and one is one year any help will be greatly welcomed.

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