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Real People Relief is for individuals, families and groups who wish to help a person or family directly, with no "middle man" "Be The Change" Ghandi "I pray that I may not be tempted, by indifference or selfishness to withhold from others the help I have received." Author Unknown to me

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Chanda L

Chanda LaVigne; David, Blake, Elijah
Email: -
Location: - Our destroyed address was Longbeach,Ms. We are now at Picayune,MS. In a year we hope to have a home built on our land which is in Picayune

We have lots of plans for the future but lack of money has got us at a stand still
Number in Household: - Chanda 31 female,David age 57 male, Blake age 12 male,Elijah age 3 male.

We raise American Pit Bull dogs and have too many to list,that is one thing I have recently started doing to make money and just had our first litter,which will be ready for sale in time for Christmas.
If we can sell the pups we want to put the money towards lumber.
Situation: nearly 2 weeks after Katrina we were finally allowed south of the tracks to see what we had left - there was nothing and it went on for miles and miles.We slept in the back of my fiance's truck whereever we could find to park and bathed in the creek and when we went back to the apt. for the first time, a friend told us of a school/redcross shelter where we could sleep in the truck and be safe, get plenty of food and ice. We slept in our truck on their grounds for a week or so and they got us a huge tent and then we moved into a fema camper park, where we lived until a few months ago.
We are now in another fema camper in my grandpa's yard.
Current Living Arrangements: - FEMA camper
Help: - FEMA, Red Cross
My fiance is disabled and I am self employed selling at fleamarkets and online but lost thousands of dollars wurth of inventory in the apartment that fema wouldn't even reconize and had just bought a new computer a few weeks before,this time I bought a laptop so it can go with me if we have to evacuate,I just got internet service a few months ago for the first time since the storm and most people here still dont have it.
I have not gotten any help this year but I just met a lady from Atlanta who is going to bring me all things to cook Christmas dinner.
To be honest the most important thing that we need is building materials but you dont have to post that, I know that is a little much to ask for but we do need some cloths and bedding sheets and blankets
School Supplies - My 12 year old needs some uniforms,tan pants and white or navy shirts.Size 30x28 pants and large 18/20 shirts
Household Supplies Queen and Twin Sheets and blankets and some pillows, our pillows are old handmedowns
ELI age 3 wears size 4t pants and 5t shirts and 10 shoes
BLAKE age 12 wears 30x28 or 30x29 pants and large shirts and 71/2 shoes. He needs some school tan pants and white or navy shirts and some boxer underwear and socks.

DAVID age 57 wears nothing but jeans and tshirts 40x30 jeans and XLshirts
CHANDA age 31 wears nothing but jeans and tshirts size 14 jeans & Lg shirts

(Side Note - Chanda is also surveying the FEMAville she just moved from for needs - I don't have what she wrote, but their situation is extremely dire. Very little heat - no one can afford propane, many elderly and small children - I think it's incredible that she thinks of them before herself - I met her when she wrote for help for THEM)

Blueberries For Sale
Hello All,
I Hope everyone is doing good and getting by Ok.I know things get tough sometimes for Katrina volunteers and survivors but just hang in there,things will get better in time.I will keep all of you guys in my prayers.God Bless You & your famlies....
I would like to tell everyone that I have fresh picked Blueberries for sale,please see the attached picture of them.Im going to pick again in the morning and dont have any orders to fill.Any orders will be picked fresh from the tree.Please call or email me if you would like to place an order.
I can deliver them to some places if needed for a few extra bucks.I can also ship them,email me the address for shipping price.
They are $5.50 per 1/2 gallon or $10.00 per gallon.
They are big and so sweet and we have not used any chemicals on the trees since we bought the farm a few months ago.It has not been farmed in at least 5 years.So I guess they are organic berries.

Pit Bull Pups For Sale
Please see our website for pictures
We have them marked down to $250.00 OBO 5 left

We are actually considering going ahead and moving to the land we bought without the utilities or having it cleared. We are having a hard time making it in this FEMA park (the manager hates fema residents and harrases us). I'm seperated from my 12 year old son because his school district is in Hancock and FEMA moved us to Pearl River, he is staying with my mother. We have an old RV and a few generators and think we can make do until we can afford to get the utilities and get it cleared. Wish us luck!

Our fema camper is leaky and very moldy, it's getting worse everyday.There is black mold around almost every window and who knows whats behind the walls.Our family has a headache everyday and our eyes are burning and other sinus and breathing problems,it is the travel trailer,so its a little space anyways.
The day we found it leaking, our inspector happened to come by, we reported it to her a few days after Christmas, they never came so I then called them 3 times since monday the first time they said someone would come in 6-48 hours, the second time she said all she can do is call the contractor and the last time I finally got a lady that said she would put in on emergency status.
I then called a different FEMA number to ask about rental assistance, they said the only way is if we have medical documentation that the camper is making us sick, so I can take my 12 year old to the doctor on medicaid but that will be next week.
But then there's not too many rentals in this area. So until they come out here and see for themselves,we dont know what to do except wait. We can't afford a hotel room and just don't have anywhere to go.
I'm really concerned about the long term effects this may have on our health.I'm hoping FEMA will show up soon. I can't believe people are having to live like this. This is crazy,they should have this mess more organized by now.

Our fema camper has started leaking and its tricky,it comes from behind the walls and under the floors and cabinets,not to mention the windows. After the last few days of bad weather,I have found all kind of things soaking wet,I mean its 8 x 30 and theres 2 adults and 2 kids so things are packed in here pretty tight, against some of the windows on the bunks and on the floors next the wall.Well theres no telling what kind of mold is behind the walls, I moved everything that I thought would get wet but it leaked in totally different places this time than it did last time,I can smell mold it in the cabinets.

We are buying a piece of property and will be moving an old 6x15 motor home there.The land needs a lot of clearing and doesent have the electric,water or septic.We are also in need of building materials. My fiance is disabled but says he can do the work himself but I would really love to get us some help. He is retired/disabled fireman of 18 years.

1/4 - A video narration of her story:

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