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Real People Relief is for individuals, families and groups who wish to help a person or family directly, with no "middle man" "Be The Change" Ghandi "I pray that I may not be tempted, by indifference or selfishness to withhold from others the help I have received." Author Unknown to me

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Angel Y

Angel Y; Willard, Misty, Shalee, Katlyn, Christopher; Pepper, BabyGirl


Location: I was in Gulfport Ms,1 mile from the ocean front, I am now in Apache Junction,Az. Hope to be living out of Az with in the next year.

Number in Household: Willard 44, Angel 43, Misty 27, Shalee 10, Katlyn 8, Christopher 5
PETS Pepper,7 yr old pekingese; Baby Girl cat 4 yrs old

Situation - Lost everything in Katrina,uprooted and moved 2000 miles away,suffered thru 2 suicides, Husband still suffering thru illnesses from Katrina.

Living Arrangements: we live with my daughter, all of us in a 2 bedroom apt.

Help Received: FEMA, I get Medicaid.

Foods – Holiday Food For Christmas
Paper Products – Napkins, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels.
School Supplies –2 girls school back packs ,notebooks,crayons,folders.
Clothing – Listed below
Cleaning Supplies – Windex, Dishwashing liquid, Laundry detergent, etc.
Household Supplies –queen sized fitted sheets (flannel if possible) , glasses, silverware, bath towels-dish towels, dishcloths, pots, pans, mixing bowls, throw rugs

Stores I shop at: Frys grocery store,and walmart.

Angel-size 18 in elastic waist jeans,1X in tee shirts-xlg in long night gowns,size 9 in tennis shoes. Need socks.

Willard-size 34x33 in jeans,xlg in tee shirts,needs work boots size 10-needs socks.

Misty - Needs jeans size 10-11,size med in tops, size 6 1/2 in tennis shoe. Likes necklaces also-sterling silver. Sand and sable perfume and Liz Claiborne

Shalee , age 9 will be 10 in Jan
Needs all kinds of clothing, jeans size 8 or small 10,likes designs on the jeans, wears 10 in tops, loves bratz, Dr. Suess, adores jewelry. Needs nightgowns, panties, socks, and tennis shoes size 1 1/2 or 2. Loves board games, play makeup. Likes perfumes also.

Katlyn age 8-Katy needs all kinds of clothing, outfits, jeans, tops, all in a size 5,she needs cute little belts to hold her britches up, she likes bratz and care bears, strawberry shortcake, loves necklaces and perfume, loves baby dolls and stuffed teddy bears, wears size 11 1/2 in tennis shoes, doesnt like pink in color, needs panties, socks, and night gowns.

Little Christopher age 5 yrs.
He wears a 4 T in all clothing, needs outfits, jeans, underware, and shirts, and needs Pjs.
Loves all monster trucks that make sounds, and adores super man, batman, hulk, shrek, all those super hero guys, and loves sponge bob.
His favorite color is red.

Update 12/4
Sorry I havent emailed you, but I have had terrible toothache in 2 teeth, nasty infection, getting them pulled on Thurs.
You did a nice job on the blog sheet with our information,but I have a question,what is the chances of anyone reading our blog? I have been on blogs before,and no one ever viewed it or helped in any way. Im worried about christmas,and wonder about the chances of our family finding anyone to adopt us.


Dear Mr.Santa
We lived threw a terrible storm,but then we had to move 2000 ,miles away,just to have a bed to sleep in,I hope you recieve this letter so you wont forget where my family of 6 live,the storm took all we had,our family is having a real rough time,cant get back on our feet,before the storm hit my dad commited suicide,leaving my mom and my sister and brother to live with grandma and grandpa,we all lived in a trailor in Gulfport,Ms,and now most of the town is gone. Once we moved 2000 miles away-we stayed with my other grandparents,and in June my other grandpa commited suicide,the grandparents I live with are trying to get us adopted for Christmas,our family was in Sept adopted by Scrooge,he adopted us and then this week,he decided he didnt like us anymore,and that we would not be remembered after all,my grandma cryed,Santa,how can scrooge do this to our family so late in the season? We have a christmas tree,but grandma wont put it up if santa doesnt remember us. She says we will cry even more if were forgot about and nothing comes for under the tree.
We have been thru 2 suicides and the hurricane Katrina,so santa,will you remember our family,we need help with goodies to eat-food for christmas,and toys and clothing.
Santa please remember all the little kids and families back in Gulfport,I miss them.
Thank you santa.
Shalee Habel--and grandmas help.
Santa you may email our family at:

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