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Friday, December 07, 2007

Keisha + 1

Keisha, Keishell

email: keishaelizabeth @

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Number in House - 2, Keisha - 28, Keishell - 10

Living Arrangements - Apartment

Help Received - FEMA, Churches for 1 Christmas, Churches for 1 month of utility bills.

Situation - Needing help in different areas, moved to B.R. after Katrina and recently moved a second time to new apt. I'm employed by a local temp agency making an extremely low amount an hour, but trying to stay hopeful. With my previous assignment ending July 31 st, it's been difficult to maintain stability for my daughter and me.

I'm currently waiting for my next job assignment, which I hope to be placed with before the end of Sept. I'm trying to stay focused and productive and hope to be stable, making a decent amount of money in order to provide for my daughter and myself soon.

Just saying Hi, testing has been pushed back to this coming Monday,I'll be glad when it's done - getting anxious. Also keep us in your prayers, Keishell hasn't been herself lately, I got a call from the school twice because of her talking etc. I do think I need to take her out more often,and do things we used to like go to the movies, window shopping, fairs, etc. Things are just not the same and times are hard. I have been taking her to ride her bike a few times a week and sometimes to activities at the library.
It's all I can do for now, until things get better. Keep us in your prayers. Keisha.

11/1 - Am going to school starting in January. Excited but scared. Have a part time job through the holidays. It's not enough, but it's a lot more than nothing!

12/6 - I have a job! It isn't much and it's through the Temp agency, but it's something! It's only through the holidays, and pays little, but it's cash flow and that's the most important thing at the moment. I'm also doing some online lessons for computer skills at the library, which is helping so much! I know it'll help with school - coming up fast!

Also - could you remove the uniform clothes for Keishell? She has enough and someone else might need them more than we. Also, we have a dryer! Life is so good! So thank you for removing that as well. (both removed)

Keishell is getting excited for Christmas. It's good to see her happy!

Needs -
Clothes -
Keisha - I'm in need of clothing and under garments. Type - everyday/work environment attire , button down blouses, bottoms etc. I wear M/L in blouses it differs,sometimes L will be to big in blouses and tops sometimes not, ,bottoms size 12

Keishel - everyday tops/bottoms, under garments. Keishell is growing up. I was in denial still trying to squeeze her into a 10/12 but she needs size 14 bottoms,and 14 tops to be safe


Toiletries - all

Paper products - all

Gas for travel.

Christmas Wish Lists
Hi, just wanted to give you an idea of what we 'd like and needed.I asked Keishell what were some of the things she'd wanted for Christmas and she lit up and is obviously very excited now.Thanks again.
bratz the moviez remote control corvette cruiser
bratz atm machine
bratz microphone
bratz styling head (mannequinn head)
bratz cyber style kids interactive laptop
kids watch
mp3 player
clothes or gift card to purchase
shoes or gift card to purchase

clothes or giftcard to purchase
shoes or giftcard to purchase

A poem Keishell wrote:

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