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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Thai C

Thai C; Tuyet, Sumer, Sienna, Jasmin, Jayda
Picture of Jayda - born 11.27.07!
Email - truchoa97 @

Location - Was in Bayou La Batre, am now in Theodore AL.

Situation - Home was destroyed, have moved in with my disabled mother to care for her as well as my 3 daughters and 2 nephews. I have a job, but being a single parent with so many mouths to feed and many medical conditions (1 has asthma, 1 has diabetes, 1 has thyroid, my mother has many issues), it just isn't enough to be able to get items we need as well as take care of existing bills and medical needs.

Number In House - 6: 31 y.o. female - Thai; 74 y.o. female - Tuyet, 10 y.o. female - Sumer, 4 y.o. female - Jasmin, 12 month old - Sienna 12/5/07 - Newest addition is Jayda! As of 11/27/07

Help - the children are all on medicaid, my mother gets SSI and we are on WIC. I received a small amount of LIHEAP (thank goodness!), but otherwise, nothing.

Clothing -
*9 year old girl- (updated 11/1/07) 10 yrs old- girl
sizes clothes 14-16 youth
sizes shoes 6
Needs- Clothes, a light jacket, socks, shoes, comforter w/ bedding/ blanket for twin size bed.
Likes anything Hannah Montana, Naruto animation chapter books, stuff penguins/ animals, I-Pod/ I-Cy, Arts and craft stuff, SMS Text messenger data/organizer wireless, The Game of Life, Twist and Turn, tiny book bag, Naruto/ Pokemon movies, an electric guitar, any hand held games or Nintendo DS lite games, video now cds, cd player with cd's, chat now, MP3 Player, a big girls bike or anything age appropriate.

*3 year old girl-4 yrs old (updated 11/1/07)

size clothes- 4T or 5T size shoe- 12/13TNeeds- Clothes, socks, tennis shoes, comforter w/ bedding and blankets for twin size bed.

Likes anything Dora the explorer, Barbie, Bratz, a trike, 3 wheel scooter, a play Dora or any play kitchen, kitchen set toys, tea sets, Puzzles for kids, anything monkeys, Nintendo DS lite games/ puppy dog games, portable DVD player, any type of cartoon dvds, a flip open sofa, anything learning, blendy pens, cd player with children cd's or anything age appropriate.

Sienna 1 yr on Dec 21st (updated 11/1/07)

size clothes- 18-24 months
shoe- 4 or 5
Needs- Seasonal clothes of any type, especially winter clothes and sleepers, a good thermometer. Likes Playskool Busy Basic step start walk n ride, fisher price sit to stand giraff, any cartoon character flip open sofa , any riding things, any toys that makes noise or sings, pink push around buggy, a rocking pony or unicorn, anything learning, teethers, small book bag for a girl, anything Care Bears or anything age appropriate.

Jayda- Due Dec. 16th, 2007
anything for newborn baby, baby bassinet, baby beddings, a good ear thermometer, a girl diaper bag, a baby book, crib toys, a homecoming outfit, clothes for newborn, onesies, clothes for 3 -up months because they grow so quickly, baby bottles, shampoo, diapers, blankets, anything for newborn baby.

*15 year old boy-Phong- 11/1/07 - no longer taking care of nephew. His father now has both boys.
*8 year old boy-Calvin- 11/1/07 - No longer taking care of nephew. His father now has both boys.

*74 year old disabled mother-Tuyet- shirt size X-large, pants size medium adult, socks, shoes size 7

*31 year old woman - gift cards

Food - Any non-perishable foods would be wonderful - Similac Advanced for Sienna.
Paper Products - Toilet Paper! Diapers for a 2 mo. old (size 3) would be a godsend as well
School Supplies - school is almost over, so nothing yet
Computer Supplies - None for now

Cleaning Supplies - detergent - unscented anything is good; dish soap, any basic cleaning stuff
Household supplies - light bulbs, we need cookware and bakeware, complete bedrooms furnishing with beds for my 2 newphews (3/29 is hoping for Adopt My Room assistance -

Stores we shop at - Walmart, Target

I am just really so happy. She was born on Nov. 27th at 3:33am, 20 inches long. I stayed in the hospital for 5 days, but things are ok and hopefully things will get better with the baby. She was early and was not able to eat and had bili rueben. Jaundice. A new addition bundle of joy added to the house and Christmas just around the corner. Nothing but happiness and joy coming this way. I was really scared at first about how I am going to handle all the kids, but now I am just taking it a day at a time.

The kids love the new baby, especially Jasmin, my 4 yr old. She seems like she is more attached to Jayda. Sienna seems like she doesnt really know and Sumer, my 10 yr old, she is worn out, tired, but very helpful.

Jasmin told me the other day "mommy you dont love me anymore" I told her I do but I just had a baby and need to rest. I guess she is not use to me not giving her as much attention. I told all my girls I love them very much but sometimes can't show it because I am so busy with everything, especially the new baby.

A tornadoe came into Irvington, AL yesterday. It was so bad. It tore/destroyed houses down. A lady in the news cried and cried because she lost everything. Her mobile ome was in shambles. It was pretty sad. It rained all day and night yesterday. I live about 10 minutes from Irvington and was safe and ok on my end. No problems or damages. Thank God. It was said to head right through Tillman's Corner which I am between Tillman's Corner and Irvington but we all are safe and no damages. It was so scarey yesterday. People recorded debris flying everywhere. Ugh...not a good sight. Wow, blessed we are. Jasmin school called me early to pick her up early. There was two 18 wheelers that got into an accident with each other so traffic was backed up. But its better today.Its very cold now. Still sprinkling rain but very cool.

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