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Friday, February 01, 2008

Linda B + 2

Linda; Charles, Rick; Hank, Goldie, Bama, Rosie, Hannah, Buddy, Lilly; Spot, Momma Cat

Email: linda_byrd70 @

Location: Biloxi, MS

Number in House: 3 human, 7 Dogs, 2 Cats

Situation: House is up for foreclosure. Linda was disabled in Spring of '06, but had no income until spring of '07 from SSD. Charles was self employed, but without health insurance and needed neck surgery. Has been unable to return to work.
The car has been repossessed, the house is going up for foreclosure and the electricity is going to be shut off.
4 of the dogs and 1 of the cats showed up right after the storm and have become part of the family.
Clothes and furniture were replaced, but that has been all.

Current Living Arrangements: House - for now.

Needs: Groceries, dog food, cat food, heart worm meds, flea meds, rabies vaccine, assistance with financing of tractor, house. Flooring.

Stores: Lowes (for home repair stuff); Walmart (everything)

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