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Real People Relief is for individuals, families and groups who wish to help a person or family directly, with no "middle man" "Be The Change" Ghandi "I pray that I may not be tempted, by indifference or selfishness to withhold from others the help I have received." Author Unknown to me

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Gina R., Matthew and Adrianne
Location: West bank of New Orleans pre-Katrina, Rent now in same are, plan to move above surge zone in Louisiana in 2008
Number in Household: 3 – Gina; Matthew M 17; Adrianne F 16
Situation: Health care worker on duty for Katrina, had to evacuate hospital Tuesday night after the storm. I did not receive FEMA displacement funding. My home was damaged, and I sold to a local couple. Was laid-off in September due to cut-backs. Have found PT work. Current Living Arrangements - rent in same neighborhood.
Help Received: FEMA reimbursement for refrigerator; Red Cross Food: Mostly non-perishables.
Personal Stuff: Shampoo, soap, baby powder, toothpaste and toothbrushes, Bath Towels
Paper Products: Zip lock bags, paper towels, Toilet paper, paper plates
School Supplies: Notebooks
Computer supplies: Ink Cartridges: HP 56 black, 57 color
Matthew - Men's large Hanes long/short sleeve T's; Converse size 9. Also Matt's pants size is 33/30.
Adrianne - Women's size 8 corduroy or hipster waist jeans; Women's large T's; Converse size 7 ½.
Cleaning Supplies: Dawn, Tide, Bounce, Lysol
Household supplies: baking pans, skillet, utensils
Stores you shop at: Target, Gas is huge expense, Shell, Wall Mart, Barnes and Nobles, Winn-Dixie, Old Navy, Gap, Best Buy

So much has changed since we have last written. I moved to another house in the same city! I moved on July 1st, 07. An opportunity to rent a smaller house to save a few dollars came around and I felt I needed the change.

Matt did make it to College, we came back for labor day, he looked a little older, litter wiser, till he opened his mouth and well, I'll be nice and just say, the maturation process is still unfolding. He likes the school and I am very comfortable with his choice, so hopefully all goes well.

Adrianne is well. She is a senior this year, and says things like, " my brother is in college", "I'm going to John's", (her boyfriend), "I'm going to apply to college in November" She is getting taller and prettier as I type.

Matt is slowly progressing his way to graduation. I think he feels he will miss home. When I left for LSU, I couldn't wait to bolt out of here. But kids these days are not like change the subject, a ran into a co-worker I knew 15 years ago and she offered some help.She sponsored me with a web company.
Please understand, I am not trying to sell anything.I just feel blessed she believed in me and offered this opportunity.
Please visit: This company started out as a nutrition company and over the last ten years it grew into what you will see now. I don't know how this can be incorporated into fund raising, but I'm sure the sites can have a custom design where proceeds can go to a cause. I am just looking for feedback. Have fun.

Yes we are OK. But the tornado hit only 3 blocks away. Many from Westwego, like the other areas are temporarily homeless. Ouch, has Katrina flashbacks when the lights went out. I am off this Friday and planned to go to the shelter and help.

Well poor Matt must have been feeling a little overshadowed, because he reminded me that in less than 19 days he was going to turn 18. Of course I didn't forget, it's just that all the buzz is about Adrianne at the moment. His birthday is February 16 and yes he will be officially a man! He is researching which party he wants to join because he will rush in on his birthday to register to vote. I told him he can have some friends sleep over and I will probably give him a gift card, which he can use later this year when he settles into college. When he gets to Nicholl's he will need to shop for dorm stuff. Men never think of these things so us women Also I have a friend that will get him a campus job. So he is fine. I will just pack him up later this year and send him with lots of love and a part-time job
I can assure you all I would have written sooner..........but the moral of the story is "be careful what you wish for" About Jan 3, 07 the official notice arrived that I was now Full-Time. I am not complaining, but we have been working constantly due to 2 inspections due this month. Most Medical Labs are accountable to standards of testing and reporting. CAP and JAHCO are agencies that are both coming to the lab this month for inspections. Which translates to work, clean, work, clean, paperwork, clean.........I think the pattern keeps repeating till infinity. I found some free time and wanted to send ya'll a note and say all is good and things are working out

And great news, My manager got the news that a Full-Time position has been approved for me and another co-worker! Amen sister. The last hurdle is to exact the date this will go into effect. Maybe I am a fool, but I was so happy to hear the news, I volunteered to work the night before Christmas in exchange for having New Year's Eve off. No one likes to work Christmas Eve but between you and I, it is my way of giving thanks for this blessing. Hopefully soon, I will be able to aid your efforts. You may never know how much your friendship has had given me courage and support. You, Bonnie and Gary have helped, not only with the material gifts, but the combined moral support has truly moved me. Please take good care of yourself and your family. And never doubt how many lives you have touched with your pursuits.

12/1 I went to the pharmacy today and the discount card saved me at least 40%. This such a relief. I think last e-mail I told you I was working at little more, which is great. I stayed home 2 days when Adrianne was sick, and since I am PRN, I do not get paid. I am not complaining, just stating a fact. It is turning colder here, as it is all across the country. For us, the best part is a decrease in the humidity. Both of the kids read, a lot. Matthew reads Steven King, Adrianne likes Jane Austin, and I am hooked on Edith Wharton. I am sure I told you, Matt made the score for his college entrance. He may like books on spices and herbs. Adrianne also took the ACT and scored the same as Matt "21". She is junior and has not decided on any major, and wants to take the test again. So next year she will. She keeps journals, so a nice journal book is a nice idea. I hope I have given you some more information for the update. You have done so much already. Have a nice weekend.

11/5 Updated
I just finished working 2 nights shifts, 11p - 7a friday and 7p -7am saturday night. I feel quite loopy right Just wanted to touch base with you. I check the "post" on real people relief from time to time. The blog is really interesting, and I hope the other families get some relief. I have been sorting though some of the multiple blog information and this organization has clothing for families. Anyway, I will try to call them tomorrow to see if they have any extra's for the kids. Well, I hope you and your family is good. We are hanging in there, and busy with the daily toils of school and studies. My work schedule has picked up to 3 days a week and there is still a GOOD chance of me going fulltime in the near future. Take care. Have a good weekend.

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