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Real People Relief is for individuals, families and groups who wish to help a person or family directly, with no "middle man" "Be The Change" Ghandi "I pray that I may not be tempted, by indifference or selfishness to withhold from others the help I have received." Author Unknown to me

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Beware of Scams

3/26 I post this one day and the next, all of the families are getting emails.
I am posting every letter that has been sent to the families. It's an active email address since the person replies. I'm going to try to get with Yahoo to work on nailing whomever. I doubt it'll be successful since I'm guessing the person is not in this country, but we'll see.
First, if you get any of these emails, alert Yahoo at OK?

Just found out from Yahoo they can not investigate any real fraud or extorsion. I did a little more research and found you can report through an arm of the gov't. Please consider doing this.
Internet Crime Complaint Center
Even if you haven't become a victim, you can help others who HAVE.

#1 letter
From: Michelle Bill
Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2007 6:19:42 PM
Subject: Re; How May I Help In (HURRICANE KATRINA.)

I hope this letter may bring you some comfort in a moment where the circumstances of life are proving to be so cruel on you. You know, things not always go as well we would like them to, not always do we reach our destination by taking the easiest road. I know that stumbling on a stone along the way will not make you give up on your goals and aims. This letter is just to express something very simple: you¢re a great. I know that it¢s not a very pleasant experience the one you¢re going through right now and that¢s exactly why I¢m writing to you: to tell you¢ll always have my support, my affection and my friendship. And very shortly, you will smile upon the memory of such a difficult period of time in your life. Please let me know how I may help you.



#2 Letter
From: Michelle Bill
Sent: Sunday, March 25, 2007 10:43:52 AM
Subject: How May I Help In (HURRICANE KATRINA.)


This suck me and i dont know what to say and what to do than to help but if i may ask you what exactly do you want to become in your life cause for me to help pay your bill cabt solve the whole of your problem......Please dont look at me like someone that talk too much which people call talkative and garulous but it just your words touch my heart and make me pissed off when i look at this world it will look like i shouldn't have come to this world but what are we going to do,are we going to blame god that created us into this earth or are we going to say why did he greated us.

Being the fact that you are looking for help why cant i introduce something better and something that can change your life totally for you than to look for people's help online and if you look at online contact,you will see that there are many people online who is using someone chance to gain one another by taken advantage of him or her but it is not their fault but poverty lead them to do what they are doing....LET FORGET ABOUT THAT IF I MAY ASK YOU? WHAT IS YOUR FULL NAME AND HOW COME THE WHOLE OF THE STORY HAPPEN TO YOU ONLY CAUSE IT IS TOO MUCH AND THAT IS WHY I DECIDED TO EMAIL YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE CAUSE WHEN I SAW YOUR POST AT THE WEBSITE,I READ IT AND READ IT ONCE AGAIN AND IT TOUCH MY HEART AND I DECIDED TO EMAIL YOU IF I COULD HELP THROHG FINANCIALLY BUT I WANTED TO DONATE THROUGH PAYPAL BUT I DONT USE THAT SINCE SOMEONE HACK MY BANK DETAILS AND GET SOME LOTS OF MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT,I LATER CLOSED THE ACCOUNT.

I still need to give some orphanage home their needs and they have been emailing me but i told them that i cant help them this week only if they can wait till next week so that i can know whar to fo then.

Glad to read and hearing from you back as soon as possible.
Happy Weekend.


#3 Letter

Hmmmmm,........i go through your last email and i understand what you need and how you want your life to be changed totally not that you need any handout from anybody but if i get you well,is that you are looking for monetary term or if i get you better you need financial help as money itself....Anyway,it is a good idea from you and it help people to know your heart and what you need.Well i am ready to donate money to you but if will be by check cause i cant send money in cash to you and i will need your contact details to do this cause i still need to send money to the orphanage hone cause i always donate to them interms of their needs.
Get back with your full name,address and phone number for me to send out the check to you asap.


#4 Letter - Language changed....
i want you to know right now that when i saw your post at the website it really bit my heart but if i may ask you onething what exactly happen to you cause when i go through your message i really felt to help you out but there many people online who are not honest and trusthworthy cause later on when i help people online they later one **** me up because i use to donate to the orphanage home too and i always explained to those who i help out as a matter of fact i work for god and also clean the house of god that is the way god's bless me....What about you? did you normally go to chuech? and what is your belive in god?

I will be looking forward to read from you and more about your life history if you don't mind telling me alot about you and your family?


Be Alerted About Scams

It is a sad truth that sites like these are a hunting ground for scammers. There is nothing that can be done to prevent it as far as we know. If people who want to help you are to be able to contact you, then your information must be public and you become a target for others as well.

Postings as fairly desperate makes you a good target. Scammers are looking for people who may be desperate enough to not think things through or to take a chance thinking they have nothing left to lose. You need to be on your guard to make sure you aren't scammed.

Beware of anyone sending you a certified or cashier's check from which you are to send some money and keep the rest. Usually, this scam requires you to wire them money or to cut them a cashier's check too. When there's turns out to be a forgery, you'll be out the money. Your bank may tell you the check is good and make the money available but they won't fix it. This scam is also used to purchase items.

Third Parties.
Any time the person who wants to help you wants to have some third party mixed in the transaction, be nervous. Usually this will be someone who will give you a check that you will cash and forward for them to the scammer, but there are other variations.

Many scammers claim to be Doctors, Lawyers, Attornies, Barristers, Professors, Reverends or Pastors. They use these titles to help convince you to trust them.

*I know we can't live in protective shell and be scared all the time. But we can be informed and have open eyes to the reality*.

God Bless You All.
Sweet_granny (who mostly lives in The Library!)

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

About The Moderator

Condensing 40 years into 1 page is going to be a challenge. If I can do this, I should work for Reader's Digest.

Anyway, I'm 41, divorced, no kids.

Born and raised in NYS (NOT NYC) with a gypsy nature, moving every 14 months since I was 20.

I've worked in construction, healthcare, about 3 different service sectors, management and self-employment.

I have degrees in Paramedic, Health Science and Herbalism.

I prefer reading professional journals and resource type items to fiction or "joy" reading.

I have roots back to the Mayflower and the American Revolution (different sides of the family). I'm a 4th generation (at least 4th) quilter, 3rd Gen volunteer, 3rd Gen entrepreneur (on both sides) and a 5th Gen (at least) gardner.

I've lived in my car and in a 2000 sq foot house and everything in between.

I am a problem solver, a researcher and a networker.

I am also disabled. 5 years ago, I was fighting chronic sinusitis, awaiting surgery, when a virus attacked the nerves in my right ear. I can still hear, but my balance is forever screwed up. Both rehab and experts agree that either my brain will rewire or it won't.

So I live with my parents, unable to support myself financially, or even physically. Daily life is a challenge. I've improved so much, but am still so far from being able to work again. It's frustrating beyond words.

However, even if I can't recover, that doesn't mean others shouldn't be able to. So ever since The Storms of '05, I have worked every day at finding ways to help both individuals and volunteers get the help they need to speed the recovery efforts. I may not be able to come down and get my hands dirty, but I can make it so more people can.

I focused my efforts on Hancock County, MS to begin with, and remain dedicated to their rebuilding. But, as things flow more smoothly for the volunteer groups, I am now focusing my attention on the individuals who have fallen through the cracks of "organized relief".

And that, is it. That's my story.

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How To Help

Contact Leslie at:

Thank you for finding Real People Relief. It is a site that accepts nothing on behalf of those whos information is listed here. It is not an organization with not-for-profit status, but the efforts of a few people to make available help to those who have fallen through the cracks of hurricane relief.

1/23 Another option:
One thing that seems to be working with several of us - pick an item that you wish to give, and give that to one family per month. One gives bakeware. I give general items that I can make or already have. Another gives gift cards. Yet another gives dishes. If you would like to become part of this effort, please let me know. It seems to be working incredibly well.

Both the recipients and the givers must be discerning in who they choose to communicate with. The recipients are vetted as much as possible, but nothing is ever certain. Since no real contact with the givers is expected, there is no way to vet them.

A trend that is anecdotal only shows it takes 20-50 people to help 1 fully recover. This is true on any level - be it family, church, municipality, office, business, etc. And while this may sound overwhelming, it is a situation where just 1 person can make the whole difference for another person's life.

Consistency is the key with helping. Even if you can only help a little each month, that's fine. $5 is toilet paper! A one-time-only gift is always welcomed, but the emotional and spiritual benefit from establishing a longer term arrangement will reward all of those involved equally. I speak from experience!

I strongly urge you to get a group of people together and assist as a group. But if you'd rather remain singular in the effort, that's wonderful too. However best fits your style.
I also urge you to print this post during the shopping season and post it everywhere they let you! Right click to save the poster and then print out on your color printer. It's sized to fit normal pages.

If you give used items, please make sure the items are clean, stain free, undamaged and fully working. The last thing these folks need is to get items that need discarding. And why waste the postage on something that doesn't work?

When you do send items on their lists, please try to work within the preferences they have listed. It helps them return to some sense of normalcy.

You will need to contact the person by email in order to send them anything. Absolutely no addresses will be put on this site unless the family/person/couple is working with and through a volunteer agency.

Again, thank you for choosing to help. Relief work is incredibly rewarding and is so needed, both locally and abroad. I've chosen to help those in my country. Others choose to help in other parts of the world. What you choose will help someone no matter what. You will never know the full impact of your generosity - for it will reach further than you can ever imagine.

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