Real People Hurricane Relief

Real People Relief is for individuals, families and groups who wish to help a person or family directly, with no "middle man" "Be The Change" Ghandi "I pray that I may not be tempted, by indifference or selfishness to withhold from others the help I have received." Author Unknown to me

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Julie S

Julie S; Angelina
Location- was in Violet LA, Now in Picayune MS, hope to be back in Violet.
Number in Household - 2- Julie, 42, Angelina, 67
Situation: We have been through so much because we lost my baby brother to The Storm as well as our beloved pets, home, belongings.
Current Living Arrangement - FEMA Trailer for last year.
Help Thus Far - small donations from people of clothes, items, etc.

Food - any nonperishable would be great
Clothes - anything in Large or XL is fine.
Household Items: Blankets, Quilts, appliances (small obviously), furniture for when we get another place to stay.
Housing: Information on lower cost rental places in Picayune, St Bernards, Jerfferson Parishes, Westbank - but will consider anywhere along the coast in LA and MS.

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Barbara V

Barbara V; Terry, Stacy, Misty, TJ, Amber, Brianna, Brooklyn

Email: -

Location: - Petal MS

Number in Household: 8 - myself 54, Terry my son 35, Stacy my daughter 19, Misty my daughter 13, TJ my grandson 4, Amber my granddaughter 12, Brianna my granddaughter 3, Brooklyn my granddaughter 1 month

Situation: My son had a car wreck after Katrina and shattered his femur in 8 places. He is unable to work and has no income so he and his two children moved in with me.
Then my daughter Stacy had a high risk pregnacy and moved in with me with her two children. She has since had the baby but has not been able to go back to work.
So I am the only one able to work. This has caused me to have severe problems trying to maintain everything and keep basics in the house.

Current Living Arrangements: -House

Help: - Katrinas Angels, FEMA, Salvation Army when my daughter was in the hospital.

Foods - Any non-perishable - baby food. We're not too fussy

Paper Products - Any of these things - and Diapers!
School Supplies: notebooks, pens, pencils,
Cleaning Supplies - Laundry soap (powder), Dishwashing liquid, ammonia
Household Supplies - light bulbs, Trash Bags, baby wipes
Clothing - Infant Clothing on up.
Stores you shop at- I shop at walmart, county market

I want to thank everyone who helped make christmas special for the following families
barbara v
francis p
margaret w
joann h
Because of the many generous angels all the children had a wonderful christmas.
thank you and may you all have a wonderful new year

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Anna Hatch; Brittany L, Austin L


Location: - Vancleave MS before Katrina and now.

Number in Household: Anna, Female, 32; Brittany, Female, 14; Austin, Male, 12
Gucci, Female, (my little chihuahua); Milenko, Male, (the Ball Python) and Sasha, Female, (My BIG Golden Retriever who was left here after Katrina - and her owner never came back for her! So, I took her in!)

Situation: – We evacuated right before Katrina. They brought us a FEMA trailer last winter right before the first real cold spell.. and it was nice to have heat... but they took it several months ago.. so now we are back in our home.. and back to extra blankets and really quick showers!! brrr In a year I hope to be 1/2 way to a degree in Biotechnology and have the repairs we need taken care of!

I am a single mother of 2 who has never been able to collect child support.. so you can imagine how i struggle in even the most normal circumstances! I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast - We evacuated right before Katrina - to my Dad's house in Alabama.. not knowing for weeks if I even had a home to go back to! Luckily, I did.. along with the damages Katrina brought! I STILL don't have heat.. and have bad electrical problems!

We came home 6 weeks after Katrina - and started trying to put our lives back together.. but it's been one thing or another ever since!!
I have Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis... even at the age of 32 - which it makes it even harder!
I lost my job... and had to get another with MUCH lower pay and NO benefits.. have had car problems.. had our home phone shut off several times in the past year... and ALMOST had electricity turned off a couple of months! Bill collectors calling and all I can do is tell everyone I need more time! Not to mention the kids had to deal with whatever I was able to afford when their birthdays came around.. (which wasn't much, but they didn't ever show their disappointment! They know what I have been going through!)
2 months ago I found out my Dad had cancer again (for the 3rd time) and there was nothing else to do because it had spread all over! So I borrowed the money to get there... and he passed away less than a week after I got there! When I came home, I had to deal with the loss of my father as well as the bills and things (which I was now another week behind on due to leaving town.. and the money I borrowed to go up there!)
About 5 weeks later, I got the call that My Brother died while he was working offshore... and when my Mother heard the news.. she had to be rushed to the ER with chest pains! They said it was a minor heart attack! So we buried him last weekend and now - here I am again in an even worse situation... Grieving... with bill collectors down my throat!
And struggling just to keep the lights on and the necessities taken care of for the kids! I don't like asking for help... but maybe that's what it will take to chase away my Personal little Black Cloud that's been hanging around! Now it's Xmas.. and there aren't any presents under the tree! And I have already talked to the kids about not expecting much! They are great kids! Never hear them complain! Even though I know it has to bother them!!
I have applied for assistance through FEMA and Red Cross... I got the kids "adopted" on a website last Christmas.. which was very nice for that family to do for us!
Thank you for your time reading this.. and Merry Christmas to you all!
~ Anna, Britt & Austin
Current Living Arrangements: Living back in our damaged house, with no heat, since they took our FEMA trailer!

Help: The FEMA payments they gave to everyone else and a trailer until spring. I accepted food and basic household items from a couple of local churches in my area!
Foods – canned or boxed foods (ex. hamburger helper, rice, cake mix, mac and cheese, potatoes etc.)
Paper Products – Napkins, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Paper Plates etc.
School Supplies – notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, calculators etc.
Computer Supplies – Paper, Printer, maybe a spare used computer that I could use for my Online Classes coming up!
Cleaning Supplies – All Cleaning Supplies, Dishwashing liquid, Laundry detergent, Sponges etc.
Household Supplies – light bulbs, trash bags, utensils, kitchen supplies (pans, pots, etc.)

Clothing –
Anna (32) <> Pants - Size 9/10 or Medium..<> Shirts - Medium..<> Jacket - Medium..<> Shoes - 7 {My favorite color is White.. and I dress in about the same style as my daughter.. fun and casual.. not very dressy unless it's a special occassion!)

Brittany (14) <> Pants - Size 1/ 2 or Small <> Shirts - Small <> Jacket - Small <> Shoes 6 to 6 1/2 (Britt's favorite color is probably blue. She likes what she calls "PREPPY" stuff {American Eagle & Aeropostale}And LOVES anything to do with music)
Austin (12) <> Pants - Size 14 Husky (Some 16's fit too) <> Shirts - Large/ XL Youth or Adult Small <> Jacket - L/XL Youth or Adult Small <> Shoes - Men's 6 1/2
(Austin's favorite color is Green.. He likes the whole "Skater" look! and he LOVES Video and computer games)

(The kids have to wear uniforms to school - Khaki or Navy Blue Pants, Any Shade of Blue Polo or Button Up Shirts, White, or Gold/ Yellow Shirts.. Black or brown belts, any shoes and any jackets they choose)

Stores you shop at – Old Navy, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Walmart, Best Buy, Fashion Bug, Body Central, Wet Seal,

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Monday, December 11, 2006


Jerry; Carol, David, Aaron, Devin, Dalton, Samantha; A Puppy

Location: - before the storm we were in biloxi , we are the next town over in ocean springs, ms...its the only place we could could find a house to rent so that we could bring our kids back here in time for the opening of the schools. this time next year??? it was day by its month by month....we'll see about next year when it gets here. we hope to be back in biloxi somewhere on high ground.

Number in Household: 8 - jerry 42, carol 35, david 19, aaron 16, devin 14, dalton 11, samantha 7, and 1 puppy.
Situation: – we lost our house and everything in it. my wife took the kids and went to north mississippi the day before and i stayed untill i had to swim out. fema has helped some and the red cross. with that we were able to put together this hosehold and clothes, school supplies and things and get back to living.
Current Living Arrangements: - we are in a rental house that is costing us about 3.5 times more than what we were paying before.

Help: - fema
christmas help for gifts for kids: ps2 games, bratz dolls, cd's, dvd's, fishing stuff
Foods – non-perishable only
Paper Products – Napkins, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, etc.
School Supplies – notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, etc.
Cleaning Supplies – Windex, Dishwashing liquid, Laundry detergent, etc.
Stores you shop at wal-mart, kmart, sears, pennys

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Linda M

Linda M; Zecharia, Zenea, Julion, Jared, Anthony, Aryanna

email: or .
Location: Virginia Beach VA

Situation: I am currently staying in VA Beach VA. I moved here from Long Beach MS after Katrina and March of 06 my husband divorced me making it even harder. I am currently staying with my sister in a 3 bedroom house with 6 children. I have not recieved any help from FEMA since Feb and this is why I'm with my sister. I cannot afford rent here, but her husband told me I have to be out by Jan 15.
If someone could please help me with a house ANYWHERE!!! I just dont want to risk losing my kids if he really does kick us out. I have tried to get help from all over up here there is nothing anyone will do. My church helps the little they can but I go to a small church and they do the best they can.
I would also like help with Christmas for the kids. They arent picky anything will do. They are ages 12 (zechariah) clothes size 20 husky in boys, girl age 9 (Zenea) size 10 in girls, boy age 7 (Julion) size 7 in clothes, boy age 5 (Jared) size 5 in clothes, boy age 2 (Anthony) size 3t in clothes, and a girl age 4 mths (Aryanna)size 6-9 mths in clothes.

ANYTHING would help. But all they ask for is a house everyday. My 5 yr old sees the signs for the lottery and is like mommy when i win a million dollars I'm buying us a house. They tell me everyday they just want thier own house. We share 2 bedrooms between the 7 of us. PLEASE PLEASE someone help them get a house we can call home again. Some days I feel like a failure as a mom because I dont have my own house. I can afford rent not much but I can some. Thank you very much for listening to me

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Metairie DRC Closing 12/22

Disaster Recovery Center in Metairie Closes December 22
Release Date: December 8, 2006
Release Number: 1603-581
NEW ORLEANS, La. -- One of the three remaining Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) in the New Orleans (Metairie) area will close on Friday, December 22, 2006, the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency announced today. The DRC will not re-open.
Those area residents who have been visiting the Metairie DRC location can secure assistance at the New Orleans Library DRC location at 219 Loyola or the Jefferson Parish DRC at 15 Westbank Shopping Center, Gretna, La. 70053. Representatives of state, federal and voluntary agencies and customer service representatives from the U.S. Small Business Administration have been on hand to answer questions and provide recovery information to DRC visitors. Written materials about various state and federal programs were available to individuals and business owners.
FEMA's temporary housing assistance and grants for public transportation expenses, medical and dental expenses, and funeral and burial expenses do not require individuals to apply for an SBA loan. However, an applicant must complete an SBA loan application to be eligible for assistance that covers personal property, vehicle repair or replacement, and moving and storage expenses.

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Christine B; Daughter
Email: -
Location: - now Illionis to be ahead for once
Situation: – left abusive relation ship, just struggling single mom looking for my daughter to have a nice christmas
Current Living Arrangements: - trailer not FEMA
Help: - just food stamps and medical - missed all the deadlines for christmas help due to work and counceling apts
winter clothes - jeans size 10 junior for my daughter and medium tops
Paper Products – Napkins, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, etc.
School Supplies – notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, etc.
Cleaning Supplies – Windex, Dishwashing liquid, Laundry detergent, etc.

Household Supplies – towels for bathing, light bulbs,
Stores you shop at – walmart, target

my daughter has still not been adopted for christmas. but we are stillhopping for an angel to come. we finally found out why our gas billswere so high we had a gas leak and so now our bills should go down i hope.hugs chris

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Location: - where you were; Waveland, Bay St. Louis
where you are; Bay St. Louis
where you plan to be in a year: Bay St. Louis, Waveland
Number in Household: - 1
Situation: I lost my home and my studio.
Current Living Arrangements: - Have been in an RV for a year+, but hope to be in the a house soon.
Help: - I have had help with art supplies, and a grant from Joan Mitchell?
Needs: New gallery markets...
2200 Epson Printer

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Melissa H; Emiley
Location: I was in Louisiana and am now in Florida. I'm not sure where I will be in a year. I'm hoping that the rent will go down in Louisiana so that I can return and be closer to my family instead of being here in Florida where I'm a stranger and know nobody.
Number in Household: Melissa - 29, Emiley - 12

Situation: Right after the hurricane, my daughter and I lived in a shelter for a month unable to return to Louisiana. The shelter closed and we moved into a hotel and lived there for 2 and a half months. I finally found the place that I am in now (in FL).
Since being here, have been unable to find steady employment. The first job I had was temporary and then I was out of work for 2 months while trying to find another job. Money got tight because I don't live in town and I couldn't afford to keep running to town everyday to look for a job and going to interviews. I have since bounced from job to job.
My car isn't all that reliable and I don't live close to town. The tires aren't good on it either and so I'm often buying used tires as replacements. When it comes to my bills, I get an extention on one bill so I can pay another and this is how it is every month, but I always make sure my rent is paid. I'm currently working part-time for 2 reasons, one because it's money and two because at the time it was all I could find.
My daughter receives SSI and we use that to help make ends meet when I can't. I'm still fighting with FEMA for my personal property loss - that's a joke! Trying to get any help from them for rental assistance is like getting teeth pulled because they want things from me that I cannot provide to them, so that's a lost cause. They found me inelligible for assistance - I give up! I will look elsewhere for help.
Current Living Arrangement: I'm currently renting a mobile home about 16+ miles from town.

Help: none, i didn't know there was any out there really.
Foods: not picky, whatever
Paper Products: Quilted Nothern TP, Scott Paper Towels
Cleaning Supplies: Palmolive Dishwashing liquid, Tide Cold laundry detergent
Household Supplies: I would like a nice set of kitchen knives, something that actually cuts instead of having to use scissors, lol.
Clothing: I would prefer giftcards to shop for clothing, shoes, etc.
Stores you shop at: We have a walmart and a kmart

Last year my daughter and I didn't celebrate her birthday or Christmas due to our circumstances. I would like to be able to celebrate this year. I used to be able to take her to the mall to go shopping and since the hurricane haven't been able to do that. I'd love to be able to take her to the stores she used to shop in such as American Eagle, Old Navy, Bath & Body Works, etc.

I used to work fulltime, I had a good job and went to school. But since losing everything and having to move I haven't been back to school and certainly haven't been able to find a job, not a job making what I was before. I would just like for this birthday and Christmas to feel "normal" and not be as depressing and disappointing as it was last year.
If I could sit here and make a list off the top my head of the things I need the most it would be a giftcard to walmart for gas in my car so I can go find a better job, tires for my car so i don't have to worry about getting back and forth and stop wasting money buying used ones, giftcards so we can get some new clothes, shoes, coats and things of that nature, giftcards to buy bedding - cause I would love to go buy bedding for the both of us that actually matches, isn't faded and doesn't have holes in it somewhere.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Chanda L

Chanda LaVigne; David, Blake, Elijah
Email: -
Location: - Our destroyed address was Longbeach,Ms. We are now at Picayune,MS. In a year we hope to have a home built on our land which is in Picayune

We have lots of plans for the future but lack of money has got us at a stand still
Number in Household: - Chanda 31 female,David age 57 male, Blake age 12 male,Elijah age 3 male.

We raise American Pit Bull dogs and have too many to list,that is one thing I have recently started doing to make money and just had our first litter,which will be ready for sale in time for Christmas.
If we can sell the pups we want to put the money towards lumber.
Situation: nearly 2 weeks after Katrina we were finally allowed south of the tracks to see what we had left - there was nothing and it went on for miles and miles.We slept in the back of my fiance's truck whereever we could find to park and bathed in the creek and when we went back to the apt. for the first time, a friend told us of a school/redcross shelter where we could sleep in the truck and be safe, get plenty of food and ice. We slept in our truck on their grounds for a week or so and they got us a huge tent and then we moved into a fema camper park, where we lived until a few months ago.
We are now in another fema camper in my grandpa's yard.
Current Living Arrangements: - FEMA camper
Help: - FEMA, Red Cross
My fiance is disabled and I am self employed selling at fleamarkets and online but lost thousands of dollars wurth of inventory in the apartment that fema wouldn't even reconize and had just bought a new computer a few weeks before,this time I bought a laptop so it can go with me if we have to evacuate,I just got internet service a few months ago for the first time since the storm and most people here still dont have it.
I have not gotten any help this year but I just met a lady from Atlanta who is going to bring me all things to cook Christmas dinner.
To be honest the most important thing that we need is building materials but you dont have to post that, I know that is a little much to ask for but we do need some cloths and bedding sheets and blankets
School Supplies - My 12 year old needs some uniforms,tan pants and white or navy shirts.Size 30x28 pants and large 18/20 shirts
Household Supplies Queen and Twin Sheets and blankets and some pillows, our pillows are old handmedowns
ELI age 3 wears size 4t pants and 5t shirts and 10 shoes
BLAKE age 12 wears 30x28 or 30x29 pants and large shirts and 71/2 shoes. He needs some school tan pants and white or navy shirts and some boxer underwear and socks.

DAVID age 57 wears nothing but jeans and tshirts 40x30 jeans and XLshirts
CHANDA age 31 wears nothing but jeans and tshirts size 14 jeans & Lg shirts

(Side Note - Chanda is also surveying the FEMAville she just moved from for needs - I don't have what she wrote, but their situation is extremely dire. Very little heat - no one can afford propane, many elderly and small children - I think it's incredible that she thinks of them before herself - I met her when she wrote for help for THEM)

Blueberries For Sale
Hello All,
I Hope everyone is doing good and getting by Ok.I know things get tough sometimes for Katrina volunteers and survivors but just hang in there,things will get better in time.I will keep all of you guys in my prayers.God Bless You & your famlies....
I would like to tell everyone that I have fresh picked Blueberries for sale,please see the attached picture of them.Im going to pick again in the morning and dont have any orders to fill.Any orders will be picked fresh from the tree.Please call or email me if you would like to place an order.
I can deliver them to some places if needed for a few extra bucks.I can also ship them,email me the address for shipping price.
They are $5.50 per 1/2 gallon or $10.00 per gallon.
They are big and so sweet and we have not used any chemicals on the trees since we bought the farm a few months ago.It has not been farmed in at least 5 years.So I guess they are organic berries.

Pit Bull Pups For Sale
Please see our website for pictures
We have them marked down to $250.00 OBO 5 left

We are actually considering going ahead and moving to the land we bought without the utilities or having it cleared. We are having a hard time making it in this FEMA park (the manager hates fema residents and harrases us). I'm seperated from my 12 year old son because his school district is in Hancock and FEMA moved us to Pearl River, he is staying with my mother. We have an old RV and a few generators and think we can make do until we can afford to get the utilities and get it cleared. Wish us luck!

Our fema camper is leaky and very moldy, it's getting worse everyday.There is black mold around almost every window and who knows whats behind the walls.Our family has a headache everyday and our eyes are burning and other sinus and breathing problems,it is the travel trailer,so its a little space anyways.
The day we found it leaking, our inspector happened to come by, we reported it to her a few days after Christmas, they never came so I then called them 3 times since monday the first time they said someone would come in 6-48 hours, the second time she said all she can do is call the contractor and the last time I finally got a lady that said she would put in on emergency status.
I then called a different FEMA number to ask about rental assistance, they said the only way is if we have medical documentation that the camper is making us sick, so I can take my 12 year old to the doctor on medicaid but that will be next week.
But then there's not too many rentals in this area. So until they come out here and see for themselves,we dont know what to do except wait. We can't afford a hotel room and just don't have anywhere to go.
I'm really concerned about the long term effects this may have on our health.I'm hoping FEMA will show up soon. I can't believe people are having to live like this. This is crazy,they should have this mess more organized by now.

Our fema camper has started leaking and its tricky,it comes from behind the walls and under the floors and cabinets,not to mention the windows. After the last few days of bad weather,I have found all kind of things soaking wet,I mean its 8 x 30 and theres 2 adults and 2 kids so things are packed in here pretty tight, against some of the windows on the bunks and on the floors next the wall.Well theres no telling what kind of mold is behind the walls, I moved everything that I thought would get wet but it leaked in totally different places this time than it did last time,I can smell mold it in the cabinets.

We are buying a piece of property and will be moving an old 6x15 motor home there.The land needs a lot of clearing and doesent have the electric,water or septic.We are also in need of building materials. My fiance is disabled but says he can do the work himself but I would really love to get us some help. He is retired/disabled fireman of 18 years.

1/4 - A video narration of her story:

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yvonne T

Yvonne T; Tim; Abbey


Location: Bay St Louis, MS

Number in Household: 3 Yvonne, Tim and our dog Abbey

Situation: Timmy is/was a shrimper, so we decided to go upriver on the boat to ride the storm out. Little did we know it changed course and we were right in the middle of it. Our house is on a bayou that has never taken on water before. The house had water up to the roofline - and it's already elevated!
It took over 6 months to get someone to assist with the gutting and rebuilding, but we are ever so slowly getting there. I am disabled with back troubles and now hereditary knee troubles, so can't work or help with the house.
Timmy is working in a ship yard now as fuel costs are too high, no ice companies are available and no packers around anymore to make shrimping anything more than a hobby. The gov't hasn't come through for non-immigrant shrimpers, so we have no recovery money there.

Current Living Arrangements: FEMA Trailer

Help: Very little from FEMA, a whole lot from Lagniappe Presbyterian Church!

Wheel Chair Lift - it is getting increasingly difficult to get up the stairs to the living area of the house. I use a wheel chair more as time goes on (until surgery is a must), and would like to have the lift for when I can't make it up the stairs anymore.
Tools: Tim lost all of his tools, and would like to have new ones to keep working on the house as well as to be more useful at work.
Furniture: - We lost it all and will have nothing to move into the house with once the house is complete because all our money has been going to building supplies - and that's a slow go due to prices down here! 12/9 The address of Rooms To Go is 429 Pass Rd. Gulfport, Ms. 39507. Phone # (228)864-2462 (if you want to help furnish the house)
Cabinet Hardware - We got new cabinets, but they didn't come with the hardware and WOW that stuff is expensive! Just normal pulls and hinges. Nothing fancy.

Sweater for Abbey - We're getting frosts now and it's just too cold for such a little girl.

Stores you shop at: Walmart is about the only thing in town.

3/25 We finally moved into the house and it looks great! Still alot of work to do, but it can be done living in it. I'm going to get the pictures developed next week and will try to download them so you all can enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. We just can't thank all of you for your work you helped us with and invite everyone one of you to come visit whenever you can or want.
Again, thank you, Love, Tim, Yvonne and Abbey Tillman

The hard work finally paid off, and 2 days ago we moved back in. There's still odds and ends to do and fix, but at least I'M HOME. It's been such a long haul, and without the volunteers, God only knows how far we'd be. I'm trying to find the disc to download pictures from my camera, and when I do, I'll send them on to you. We're going to get a TV and bedroom set tomorrow, everything is still in a turmoil but I'll be able to organize as soon as I get some dressers, closet poles, etc. Can 't wait to send out the pictures to everyone who has helped and been there emotionally .

Sooooooo sorry that I haven't been in contact for awhile, but we've been really busy with the house. All the siding is up except for the roof of the deck. The flooring is all in except for the carpet in the 2 bedrooms. I have all the appliances except for a washer/dryer and microwave. I don't have any furniture, except for a table and chairs and box spring and mattress. Most of the doors are up in the house, except for 1 closet door which is an odd size and needed to be ordered. Lagniappe stepped up to the plate with labor to help us get this far. I ran into Pastor Bonnie a couple weeks ago and she said if I needed furniture to call her, so I did and left 3 messages and went up there 2 times, but never got a response. Hope she hasn't had a relapse. I'm waiting for the counter-tops to come in, which should have been in last Mon. but now says it will be today or tomorrow. Hope so, because then Tim can hook up the sinks, shower, and tub.

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