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Real People Relief is for individuals, families and groups who wish to help a person or family directly, with no "middle man" "Be The Change" Ghandi "I pray that I may not be tempted, by indifference or selfishness to withhold from others the help I have received." Author Unknown to me

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Carol + 2

Carol V, Stormy, Harley
Well this is what they came up with today degenerative bone disease, curvature of the spine, hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure. They wanted to keep me in the hospital.
Oh and best of all he says "you no work you no walk."
I barely understood what he was saying the nurse had to translate, she is getting me an appointment with the clinic so I will have a pcp here close to the house not 2 hrs away, which is a good thing.
He basically said change your eating, lose weight or you are gonna die. Just kick me when I am already down.
The bone disease is in every bone I could not believe it.
They did a very thorough work up though which was a good thing I guess.
So I guess it was a good thing I started the ball rolling to apply for the disability. I guess as they say, this too shall pass.

Well We got quite a suprise this morning; a brand new water heater that works and does not leak so our water and elec bill should go down. My cousin Nolan brought it over and installed it and built a shed around it so it is protected. Lightning took out the old one.

Becky and baby Eden are home now. They are doing well.

Stormy and Harley are getting excited waiting on Santa. Before long they will be out of school for Christmas holidays.

My Dr appointment has been rescheduled for the end of Jan. there is no telling when i will get my knee fixed. I need to stay positive and not give up.

I have been side lined, my knee is going to require surgery to get better I am on the waiting list. I nor my Dr have any idea how long a wait it will be. So I am stuck waiting.

Do you have a really simple quilt pattern you could copy and send me I want to make Beckys baby a quilt. The baby is a girl. Which is just what she wanted. I sent her a baby block pattern with some fabric as well.

I am trying to make some outfits to sell on ebay so I can make some money for us to live on.

6/21 WOW
I am good and I have a surprise, I passed the GED, I diddn't want to say anything until I was sure but the paper came in the mail at my Uncle's and I had him open it and read it to me I passed Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! When I scheduled to take it I thought I wouldn't pass but it would let me know where I stood, well I fooled myself I passed. Thanks again for everything it is all very much appreciated, the Iron works fine.

6/14 Carol trying Avon...
Please use her as your contact and letting your friends know

5/29 Hey gang - Leslie here. Carol is moving closer to 2 of her daughters and has a job waiting for her! She's moving from upstate MS to LA somewhere and needs help. She needs GOOD shoes and scrubs to work in. She's getting training for CNA to work in a nursing home. She'll be living with a friend until about Christmas and then is hoping to have a place of her own.
Please contact Carol or me to assist her. Thanks!

Email: carolv70726 @
Location: Life was devastated by hurricane Katrina. I rented a home, but then the landlord sold the land that was left after the storm, and I can't afford anything else. Am living with friends in AZ with my 2 grandchildren.
Number in House: 6 - myself, my granddaughter Stormy, my grandson Harley and my 3 dogs Stormy this year.

Situation: My life since the hurricane has been horrible. We lost our home we were renting - it was smashed and the guy sold the land and I cant afford the rent they are charging now. Then we were at my cousins in MS, with my aunt and uncle in Denham but they were too sick for the kids to stay there. From relative to relative during the summer so we ended up at a friend's in AZ. It is me and my grandkids ages 9 and 8. I have had them for years and before I could handle it. Now I'm not so sure. At home I was able to babysit make some extra money, but now I don't have that ability. I'm sure they miss all of their stuff but I have been able to keep everybody together and that is what counts.

Current Living Arrangement: With friends in AZ. Not sure where I'll be in a year.
Help: Initial FEMA and then denied. Nothing more.
Food and shots for the dogs.

Clothes for the kids:
What I really need is clothes for the kids girls size 8 boys size 6 underwear socks for shoe size 2. they picked now to grow Harley has been a size 4 for 2 years now he is a 6.
Stormy Spencer Girl Size 7/8 age 9 - Size 8 underwear, all clothes.
Harley Spencer Boy Size 6 age 8

Stormy on Right, Harley on Left
Carol's latest Grandchild - Noah
Franklinton is perfect, it is 30 minutes from the place I found for rent I have a friend Cathy who I helped out like 6 years ago when she lost her job as an apartment manager they sold the apartments and gave her 7 days to get out anyway she emailed to see how everything was going I told her and she suggested that we come and stay with her until the 2br her landlord is working on gets ready I am not going to move the kids again this year until school is out. The rent on the 2br is 250.00 and the deposit is 250.00 and I will have to have util deposits and stuff but I think I can do it, it wont be ready till the middle of June first of July so I will have to help cathy with her rent in June, cathy says there is a sonic right down the road she lives in spring creek which is close to Kentwood. she works 10-6 days and I can work 2 jobs just till I get us in the trailer my daughter Becky lives 20 minutes from Franklinton. It is 45 minutes from Betty Jo and Cherie and about an hour from Angel.

They said at least 45 months for the grant Uncle Dennis might not even be here then. I dont know what to do it doesnt seem to bother him to live like this I guess he is used to it. (USDA rural home improvement grant. 45 months?!)

Harley needs a pair of size 6 navy blue cant have big pockets or nothing on them used is fine we only have like 6 weeks left.

3/24 The job hunting or lack of jobs to hunt for is doing me in. I cant stand on my feet for a long time so fast food is out or waitress so there is not much to choose from I check every day but so far nothing. I made 20.00 babysitting last week so maybe there is hope. I just have to keep looking something is going to come my way I just know it!
2/20 Carol has been learning plumbing - latest re: that adventure:
Oh dont worry I just about wore them out with questions I started out changing the bathtub faucets did no good, then I changed the sink faucets did no good then wonder of wonders I found a cut off valve turned it on and hurray water in the sink I had to fix a leak to be able to leave the water on to the sink but that is done now. Baby steps but it is comming along I changed the place where I was buying things because the one place diddnt want to help at all just sell stuff but the guy at the lumber yard hardware store in Shelby is a great guy and he doesnt mind giving advice. I need one of those hook ups for putting water in a waterbed that would hook up to the sink and then I could hook the water hose up to that and just run the water from the kitchen. I can take a bath now though and that is all that matters.

Hi ! I have my cousins computer on loan for a week while she is out of town. Her son is in the military and he is graduating from basic training. So I can stay in touch for a few days anyway, even though my computer died. I dont want to move again. I know it is bad but my Uncle really needs me no one should have to live like this and I am determined to make it better. They gave him the wrong USDA Grant application and he couldn't see well enough to even know it so I am going to call the 800# and ask them to send the correct application for the grant - not a loan. He can't afford a loan. He gets less than $1000 a month and with normal bills, he has hardly anything left. I know it's not a palace, but he opened his home to us when no one else would and that means a lot so I am going to help him make it better.
(The job promised her fell through. Her car died, so she can't go looking for another job just yet)

1/14 - Carol et al, arrived safely in MS! She's exhausted, but thrilled to be back.

1/7/07 There are no stores in Round Lake, in Clarksdale there is a walmart, a dollar general, a family dollar, a kroger, and a super saver. Not much to choose from.
I am going to need
1. a set of pots
2. a set of dishes
I will have to wait till we get there to see what else we will need, my cousin went over and checked out the house yesterday, she said bring cleaning stuff ....... LOL

The computer was fixed, died again, was fixed again, but is getting ready to really give up the ghost. I'll need a new one as soon as I get back into MS - which is scary and exciting at the same time.
Harley and Stormy will need uniforms for their new school, so if someone can help, I'd appreciate it.
Harley is a 6, Stormy is an 8 in shorts and skorts and skirts with elastic in the waist and a 9 or 10 in pants. Shirts I think are Red, Harley would be a size 6/7 stormy and 8 or 10.
My computer died so I can only check my email maybe twice a week. I am at my wits end. I dont know how much more I can take.
It is the one thing I know how to do real well, take care of people, there is an elderly couple that live about a mile from my uncle, so I can walk to work, and they desperately need someone to cook, clean, run errands etc... does not pay a whole lot but it's better than nothing at all. I took care of my Mom and Dad before they passed away and Im really good at it. My uncle says I have a caring heart and that is what they need. I wish now I had stayed in school instead of getting married so young, but you cant go back just forward. I am determined to make something good come of all this mess, my momma used to say when god gives you lemons you make lemonade. Well I have enough lemons to make lots of lemonade..... I am learning how to use the software so if need be I can find a job doing something else. I so appreciate you helping me I feel like if I can learn to use the software I will have a safety net in place.
We could really use prepaid gas cards, walmart cards or mcdonalds gift certifcates so that we can have gas and can eat on the way home in Jan.
11/25 Update We are definitely going to my uncles we will be leaving here on Jan 10th and I will go to work the following monday I am so excited, I just have to find a way to pay for the gas. 11/25
Ok here is our update we are still in Arizona for now , I have not found a job and my friends are getting tired of their house guests. My Uncle has offered for us to come stay with him in Round Lake MS it is up north about an hour and a half from Memphis I do have a job prospect if I go there,and rent is very reasonable, so I will be able to get on my feet, not sure how we will get there, but if I have no job prospects by the first of the year here, we are going to have to go. As for a christmas list, just warm clothes girls size 10 shirts size 8 pants & Barbie doll clothes. Boys size 5/6 shirts and pants & Hot wheel cars.
11/14 Updated
Just a quick note to let you know we are still here. We are hanging in. It is actually getting chilly here now. I really need some little light jackets for the kids, I was thinking they might not even need them but I was wrong. Still no job yet but I am still trying. I find that as the holidays get closer I am getting more and more depressed it is getting to be a real struggle just to get out of bed and function as a normal person, I hate this, I want life to be normal again, well at least my idea of normal anyway.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tracie P

Tracie P, Camrie, Blade, Maycie
Email phelpstracie @
Location: San Diego. I plan to live in Indianapolis. Indiana in three months
Number in Household: Camrie Phelps 12, Blade Phelps 11, Maycie Phelps 3 months.
Situation: I left New Orleans when the evacuation order went out, I and my two kids. I have lost all of my clothes, my car, my friends. It has been a difficult year for us, being in a strange city with no family members present.
Current Living Arrangements: - Homeless.
Help: -Red Cross, ministries,individuals.
Foods – non-perishable only
Paper Products – Napkins, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, etc.
School Supplies – notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, etc.
Computer Supplies – computer
Cleaning Supplies – Windex, Dishwashing liquid, Laundry detergent, etc.
Household Supplies – light bulbs, kitchen supplies (pans, pots, etc.)
Clothing(Updated 12/12/07)
Tracie 39-I need new clothes,size 16 misses pants,Xl shirt.Size 9 shoe
camrie 13-size 4 pants,large shirt.Size 9 shoes
blade 11,wears 14 pants,14 shirt
maycie 1 2t{a }.

12/12/07 Christmas Wish List
We would like computers,games,baby educational toys.Music cd's,cd players.Thank you very much
We would like computers,games,baby educational toys.Music cd's,cd players.Thank you very much

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Elizabeth + 4

Elizabeth; Lionel, Caleb, Celina, Cristina

Email: eabroussard @

Location We lived in gentilly, new orleans (8th ward/18th district), now in Jonesboro, GA. I don't know where we will be in a year.

Number in Household: Elizabeth-33 (self) , female; Lionel- 32, male; Caleb- 9, boy; Celina-2, girl; Cristina-1, girl

Situation I am searching for a Christmas Angel for our 3 kids. My boyfriend works full time but he makes just enough to cover the bills. I am trying to find work around but it is hard to find one around my kids' many doctor appointments.

My oldest is 9 and sees a psychiatrist about twice a month for depression and self esteem issues. He had been missing for about 22 days because of hurricane Katrina and was found by someone who saw his picture posted on CNN***. He had been in 5 different schools in 3 different states for 2005 first grade alone. Since that time he still has nightmares, wets the bed, and becomes very homesick for our family and his things. He has more doctors and medication than I do.

My middle child is 2. She was 3 weeks old when the hurricane struck. Every baby items I had for her I left behind except for a few days worth of clothes and diapers and formula. Everything else .. gone.

My youngest just turned 1 but she was born 10 weeks premature. She sees a physical therapist every week.

We had lost everything in 2005. Everything we have now is due to the kindness of strangers. However, recent events have led us to become in need of help.

Current Living Arrangements: Apartment

Needs: Baby Items

12/11 - I have finally gotten a list of the families needs and wishes for Christmas!
Caleb - 9 sizes – top: 14 ,bottom: 14 husky, shoes 6 youth
For Xmas Glasses, Anything Pokemon, video games

Celina -2 - sizes – clothes 3T, shoes 8 toddler, diapers size 5
For Xmas Clothes, Shoes, Diapers, anything Dora, anything Diego

Cristina -1 sizes – clothes 12 m, shoes 2 infant, diapers size 2
For Xmas - Hair accessories, Hello Kitty, Light up toys, Age Appropriate toys

The family is dealing with a death, has to borrow a friend's PC, so will be adding to the needs list as soon as she is able.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Thai C

Thai C; Tuyet, Sumer, Sienna, Jasmin, Jayda
Picture of Jayda - born 11.27.07!
Email - truchoa97 @

Location - Was in Bayou La Batre, am now in Theodore AL.

Situation - Home was destroyed, have moved in with my disabled mother to care for her as well as my 3 daughters and 2 nephews. I have a job, but being a single parent with so many mouths to feed and many medical conditions (1 has asthma, 1 has diabetes, 1 has thyroid, my mother has many issues), it just isn't enough to be able to get items we need as well as take care of existing bills and medical needs.

Number In House - 6: 31 y.o. female - Thai; 74 y.o. female - Tuyet, 10 y.o. female - Sumer, 4 y.o. female - Jasmin, 12 month old - Sienna 12/5/07 - Newest addition is Jayda! As of 11/27/07

Help - the children are all on medicaid, my mother gets SSI and we are on WIC. I received a small amount of LIHEAP (thank goodness!), but otherwise, nothing.

Clothing -
*9 year old girl- (updated 11/1/07) 10 yrs old- girl
sizes clothes 14-16 youth
sizes shoes 6
Needs- Clothes, a light jacket, socks, shoes, comforter w/ bedding/ blanket for twin size bed.
Likes anything Hannah Montana, Naruto animation chapter books, stuff penguins/ animals, I-Pod/ I-Cy, Arts and craft stuff, SMS Text messenger data/organizer wireless, The Game of Life, Twist and Turn, tiny book bag, Naruto/ Pokemon movies, an electric guitar, any hand held games or Nintendo DS lite games, video now cds, cd player with cd's, chat now, MP3 Player, a big girls bike or anything age appropriate.

*3 year old girl-4 yrs old (updated 11/1/07)

size clothes- 4T or 5T size shoe- 12/13TNeeds- Clothes, socks, tennis shoes, comforter w/ bedding and blankets for twin size bed.

Likes anything Dora the explorer, Barbie, Bratz, a trike, 3 wheel scooter, a play Dora or any play kitchen, kitchen set toys, tea sets, Puzzles for kids, anything monkeys, Nintendo DS lite games/ puppy dog games, portable DVD player, any type of cartoon dvds, a flip open sofa, anything learning, blendy pens, cd player with children cd's or anything age appropriate.

Sienna 1 yr on Dec 21st (updated 11/1/07)

size clothes- 18-24 months
shoe- 4 or 5
Needs- Seasonal clothes of any type, especially winter clothes and sleepers, a good thermometer. Likes Playskool Busy Basic step start walk n ride, fisher price sit to stand giraff, any cartoon character flip open sofa , any riding things, any toys that makes noise or sings, pink push around buggy, a rocking pony or unicorn, anything learning, teethers, small book bag for a girl, anything Care Bears or anything age appropriate.

Jayda- Due Dec. 16th, 2007
anything for newborn baby, baby bassinet, baby beddings, a good ear thermometer, a girl diaper bag, a baby book, crib toys, a homecoming outfit, clothes for newborn, onesies, clothes for 3 -up months because they grow so quickly, baby bottles, shampoo, diapers, blankets, anything for newborn baby.

*15 year old boy-Phong- 11/1/07 - no longer taking care of nephew. His father now has both boys.
*8 year old boy-Calvin- 11/1/07 - No longer taking care of nephew. His father now has both boys.

*74 year old disabled mother-Tuyet- shirt size X-large, pants size medium adult, socks, shoes size 7

*31 year old woman - gift cards

Food - Any non-perishable foods would be wonderful - Similac Advanced for Sienna.
Paper Products - Toilet Paper! Diapers for a 2 mo. old (size 3) would be a godsend as well
School Supplies - school is almost over, so nothing yet
Computer Supplies - None for now

Cleaning Supplies - detergent - unscented anything is good; dish soap, any basic cleaning stuff
Household supplies - light bulbs, we need cookware and bakeware, complete bedrooms furnishing with beds for my 2 newphews (3/29 is hoping for Adopt My Room assistance -

Stores we shop at - Walmart, Target

I am just really so happy. She was born on Nov. 27th at 3:33am, 20 inches long. I stayed in the hospital for 5 days, but things are ok and hopefully things will get better with the baby. She was early and was not able to eat and had bili rueben. Jaundice. A new addition bundle of joy added to the house and Christmas just around the corner. Nothing but happiness and joy coming this way. I was really scared at first about how I am going to handle all the kids, but now I am just taking it a day at a time.

The kids love the new baby, especially Jasmin, my 4 yr old. She seems like she is more attached to Jayda. Sienna seems like she doesnt really know and Sumer, my 10 yr old, she is worn out, tired, but very helpful.

Jasmin told me the other day "mommy you dont love me anymore" I told her I do but I just had a baby and need to rest. I guess she is not use to me not giving her as much attention. I told all my girls I love them very much but sometimes can't show it because I am so busy with everything, especially the new baby.

A tornadoe came into Irvington, AL yesterday. It was so bad. It tore/destroyed houses down. A lady in the news cried and cried because she lost everything. Her mobile ome was in shambles. It was pretty sad. It rained all day and night yesterday. I live about 10 minutes from Irvington and was safe and ok on my end. No problems or damages. Thank God. It was said to head right through Tillman's Corner which I am between Tillman's Corner and Irvington but we all are safe and no damages. It was so scarey yesterday. People recorded debris flying everywhere. Ugh...not a good sight. Wow, blessed we are. Jasmin school called me early to pick her up early. There was two 18 wheelers that got into an accident with each other so traffic was backed up. But its better today.Its very cold now. Still sprinkling rain but very cool.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Keisha + 1

Keisha, Keishell

email: keishaelizabeth @

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Number in House - 2, Keisha - 28, Keishell - 10

Living Arrangements - Apartment

Help Received - FEMA, Churches for 1 Christmas, Churches for 1 month of utility bills.

Situation - Needing help in different areas, moved to B.R. after Katrina and recently moved a second time to new apt. I'm employed by a local temp agency making an extremely low amount an hour, but trying to stay hopeful. With my previous assignment ending July 31 st, it's been difficult to maintain stability for my daughter and me.

I'm currently waiting for my next job assignment, which I hope to be placed with before the end of Sept. I'm trying to stay focused and productive and hope to be stable, making a decent amount of money in order to provide for my daughter and myself soon.

Just saying Hi, testing has been pushed back to this coming Monday,I'll be glad when it's done - getting anxious. Also keep us in your prayers, Keishell hasn't been herself lately, I got a call from the school twice because of her talking etc. I do think I need to take her out more often,and do things we used to like go to the movies, window shopping, fairs, etc. Things are just not the same and times are hard. I have been taking her to ride her bike a few times a week and sometimes to activities at the library.
It's all I can do for now, until things get better. Keep us in your prayers. Keisha.

11/1 - Am going to school starting in January. Excited but scared. Have a part time job through the holidays. It's not enough, but it's a lot more than nothing!

12/6 - I have a job! It isn't much and it's through the Temp agency, but it's something! It's only through the holidays, and pays little, but it's cash flow and that's the most important thing at the moment. I'm also doing some online lessons for computer skills at the library, which is helping so much! I know it'll help with school - coming up fast!

Also - could you remove the uniform clothes for Keishell? She has enough and someone else might need them more than we. Also, we have a dryer! Life is so good! So thank you for removing that as well. (both removed)

Keishell is getting excited for Christmas. It's good to see her happy!

Needs -
Clothes -
Keisha - I'm in need of clothing and under garments. Type - everyday/work environment attire , button down blouses, bottoms etc. I wear M/L in blouses it differs,sometimes L will be to big in blouses and tops sometimes not, ,bottoms size 12

Keishel - everyday tops/bottoms, under garments. Keishell is growing up. I was in denial still trying to squeeze her into a 10/12 but she needs size 14 bottoms,and 14 tops to be safe


Toiletries - all

Paper products - all

Gas for travel.

Christmas Wish Lists
Hi, just wanted to give you an idea of what we 'd like and needed.I asked Keishell what were some of the things she'd wanted for Christmas and she lit up and is obviously very excited now.Thanks again.
bratz the moviez remote control corvette cruiser
bratz atm machine
bratz microphone
bratz styling head (mannequinn head)
bratz cyber style kids interactive laptop
kids watch
mp3 player
clothes or gift card to purchase
shoes or gift card to purchase

clothes or giftcard to purchase
shoes or giftcard to purchase

A poem Keishell wrote:

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Debbie S

Debbie S; Tommy, Ericka, Sandie Michael, Corie, Jamie; dogs, horses, goats.

Email: MommaDebbie7 @
Location: DeRidder, LA
Number In Household: 7+; 2 adults, 5 children, dogs.
Situation: Road out Hurricane Rita and lost a lot to water damage. The singlewide that WAS our home got twisted so badly FEMA totalled it. We're trying to salvage it since, but even with professional realignments, the roof doesn't meet the walls like it should and continues to leak. I can't stay in the 2 FEMA trailers we have because my asthma is so bad.
Our livestock shelters were blown away, but we were able to rebuild them with storm debris from a friend's buildings that were destroyed.
We lost our garage, but not rebuilt yet.
The fencing for our dogs' area was lost as well, and no debris is left around here to rebuild it with.
We've tried to seal our roof - using what money we had. It still hasn't worked.
Tommy's job slowed down and I picked up a job to try and fill in the gaps to catch up, but it hasn't worked that way yet.
Current Living Situation: Still on our own property, thankfully! Trying to transition into our old home due to the fumes in the FEMA campers.
Help: FEMA, Friends
Needs: We're not asking for money.
Livestock: Hay, dirt, sand, feed for horses and goats.
Dogs: Food, material to build a new fence for their area, normal flea meds.
House: Materials to repair water damage in Kitchen, bathrooms; to seal roof properly. The household could also use towels, wash cloths, area rugs

Children: We really want Christmas for them this year...
Ericka: age 14(girl)...she wears sizes pants-15 1/2jr, shirt med-large jr's, shoe-10 women.
Her likes are: anything Winnie the pooh(lol), Scrapbook stuff, writing stuff(she writes great short stories), Hair stuff(ribbons, barrettes, ties, etc.), Stuffed animals.

Her needs - Sleep wear, coat, socks ( size 9 bootie), underwear(bikini's size 7), Clothing(pants, shirts, Bra's(38/DD)

Sadie: age 12 (girl)...pants-14 1/2-15 1/2 girls, shirts-16-18 girls, shoes- 7 1/2 women's.
Her likes are: cd player, volleyball set, stuffed animals(, make-up, nail stuff
Her Needs: Sleep wear, pants, coat, socks, under wear(jr size 5), shoes(size 7 1/2),

age 15 (boy) has Autism, pants- 29 x 32 1/2, shirts- med/tall, shoe 10 1/2 men's
His needs - Clothing, socks, shoes, underwear and sleepwear.

His likes are: Glow in the dark stuff(for wall's and ceiling), Lego set's, Art stuff(marker's, color's, and color pencils), Race car stuff, He loves to draw houses...and does a really good job of it too...:)
Corie: age 11(girl twin).... Pants 14 1/2..,shirt- Large girls, Shoe- 7 1/2 women's
Her likes are: Make-up(Lt color's to play in.), Jewelry(any kind), Hair stuff( barrette's, hair ties, bows, etc.) Perfume, lotion.

Her Needs: Clothing( Pants, Shirts, coat, Shoes(size 7), Sleep wear, socks, underwear( 5 jrs)

Jamie: age 11( girl twin)....Pants- 15/16jr, shirt-large Jr., shoe- 7 women's.
Her likes are: Make-up, Jewelry(any kind), hair stuff (bows, barrett's, hair tie's, etc), a camera.
Her Needs: Jamie's Needs- coat, sleep wear, pants(size 15/16 jrs), shirts, socks, under wear( size 7 )

All kids could also use new sheets and blankies (twin Size)

We have had a VERY BAD YEAR this year..One of my twin daughter's came down with KIDNEY FAILURE...she has had 1 transplant that failed with in 3 days...they had to remove it. We have spent any money that we had set aside for Christmas on trips to New Orleans to the Tulane Hospital there..we have basically been there all year. I have been talking to Dayle at Citizans group Data Base....she knows we have been threw pure hell. My daughter is now on Hemo Dialysis and waiting for another transplant when one is found.

Thanks so much for the medical info...We just got one of my 11yr old twin daughters out of the hospital on Monday of last week. She spent 5 days in PICU and another 4 in a regular room. She had a stomach virus and apparently her immune system attacked her Kidneys. That sent her blood pressure up almost into the 300's on top and bottom..she is still not out of the woods yet...we are waiting on test results. She is on blood pressure meds now and will be till the doctors say she can get off of them. She had a kidney biopsy and it still didn't tell them what happened. She lost the use of her legs for some reason but is getting them back now...she is still very unsteady on her feet. They don't seem to know what happened. She had no temp, and all signs were of the virus. So this medical info that you sent might be necessary now. Thanks so much for all you do for your groups and others.
11/28 Update
Sorry It has been so long....We have more damage from October Storms and have yet been Considered a Disaster area again. Fema is again coming today for that. It is a separate disaster from the Hurricane. We have had torrential rain fall, with very strong winds that have caused flooding and more wind damage.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Jean; Winnie, Dora
Email: - alleymarziacat @

Location: - Back home in the suburbs of New Orleans.

Number in Household: - 1 human, 2 cats -- Jean, female, 47, two cats, Winnie, male, 15, Dora female, 5

After Katrina my husband and I moved four times before coming back to New Orleans nine months after the storm. We had been lucky compared to many, but in order to return to New Orleans we had to sell or give away most of our possessions and we came back dead broke. We were both affected negatively by the instability and uncertainty brought on by Katrina, the repeated moves, my poor health, the inability to find work that could support us and extremely high stress all of this caused.

A week after we returned home, my husband walked out on me with no warning --leaving me disabled with no income, no insurance, no transportation, no place to live and no hope. He has refused any attempt to talk since then. I was very nearly committed to a mental hospital because I sunk so far into depression and desparation that I was unable to function.
Through the amazing kindness of others -- many of them people who never knew me and I have never met -- I recieved comfort, clothing, emotional support and more. I was also taken to a psychiatrist and a doctor to get the mental and physical help that I couldn't get for myself but so very desperately needed. I narrowly avoided eviction, homelessness, committment, loss of my foot to Diabetes and the horror of having to give up my precious cats.
Right now I am waiting to hear about the decision on my Social Security Disability claim -- the spousal support which I am receiving is barely enough to cover my bills and is only in effect until just after the first of the year -- after which I have no idea what will happen or where I will be.

I would love to have a Merry Christmas before I am plunged back into worry and uncertainty. The outpouring of help that was recieved is now gone since over a year has past since Katrina. I do not think that I am entitled to any help, but if someone is ABLE to assist me I would be forever in their debt.

Current Living Arrangements: - Apartment

Help: - Red Cross, FEMA; UU Church members in Hendersonville NC, Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority, Medical Center of LA at New Orleans.

Needs: PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Foods: Cat food both "wet" and dry -- they prefer Whiskas or Meow Mix Pouches and Purina One Dry but any kind is good! They also love Whiskas Cat Treats.

Human Foods: Soy Nut Butter, Oatmeal, Grits, Bread Crumbs, Cannned Squash, Canned Beets, Canned Turnip, Mustard or Collard Greens. Canned Okra with Tomatoes, Canned Tomatoes (stewed and plain), Raisins, Canned Fruits (low sugar), Splenda, Crackers, Spices -- Mrs Dash and others, Sugar Free Iced Tea Mixes or Sugar Free Drink Mixes, Coffee with Chicory, "Peanut Free" Almonds or other nuts.

Paper Products: Any type and brand, not picky.

Computer Supplies: HP 92 and 93 printer cartridges.

Cleaning Supplies: Again, anything, not particular about brands.

Household Supplies: A "medium" size pot with cover would be great -- somehow I wound up with a GIANT pot and a tiny pot, no nice medium sized one. I could also use a collander, a pair of kitchen shears, a set of knives, a blender, a small food processor, a crock pot and a toaster.

Clothing: I usually wear 6x tops, the brand "Personal Touch" fits very well in a 6x and in SOME 5x - Colors in any combination of black, blue, purple, green, red. For pants I usually take a 4x or 5x in a stretch or "slinky" material in black or navy - the Maggie Barnes brand fits well. For panties I wear a size 15 in a full panty. Bras can be a 54C or 54D depending on fullness of the cup. I could also use a pair of Diabetic Shoes -- I take a size nine in a SIX E width -- very hard to find and expensive. And very large no-elastic diabetic socks.

Stores you shop at: Wal Mart, Winn Dixie, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, and Catherines. I would love to be able to shop at Michael's, Borders, Barnes and Noble, and

Other: Catholic Bible, Crucifix, small statue of St Gertrude of Nivelles or St Francis of Assisi, St Gertrude of Nivelles or St Francis of Assisi Medal, Weight Watchers Online Membership or membership in another online weight loss program, Sewing Machine, Sewing Light, Scented Candles, Spray Deoderant, Advil or Aleve. Gift Certificates....

I would be happy with ANY of these items "pre-owned" (used) -- [well maybe not the under garments]

I know that if the distance between us was not so great that we would be terrific friends. You have been a rock for so many people and I really am amazed that you are back helping again when you face such personal and familial challenges yourself!

I have had a few episodes of breathing problems with my O2 sats going down as low as 56 and 65 on different days with 87 or so being about average. But overall I have had more good times than bad.

I got a rollator walker that helps me be more steady on my feet when I have to stand and walk a little. It has a seat so I can flop down and catch my breath when I need to!

Also under the good news category is that I was cleared for and I have been doing a medically supervised Pulmonary rehab program which is allowing me to get moving and to begin building much needed stamina. I have been progressing well because I feel confident nothing will happen while I am being watched and monitored. (or if it does the hospital is connect to the building where I have the rehab workouts)

Unfortunately, I am about 1 month away from running out my coverage for Phase II and the Medicare Advantage plan I have does not cover Phase III at the rehab center where the respiratory therapists work. They feel that once one graduates from the Phase II that going to a regular gym/fitness center should be good. Alas, while I am on 3 lpm at home and 5 lpm when doing simple activities, when I exercise at the Pulmonary Rehab center I am on 8-10 lpm! Plus I am monitored at all times -- partially due to my need for such a high flow (I can still drop to 82 or so on 10 lpm while exercising!) . I am scared that all the good I have done with the Phase II program will be lost when I can no longer go there and work out under the conditions I need to have. They charge $176 quarterly for the Phase III if no insurance is picking it up. THAT would be the ULTIMATE assistance if someone could adopt my rehab!!!

If there is anyone who can help, I could still use a pair of diabetic shoes and some extra wide diabetic socks. Both are in the extreme extra large sizes so I would have to arrange for them to get them from an online source or directly from my podiatrist. He charges $140 for the shoes and the inserts that I need. I only have one pair of shoes -- the ones Medicare allows -- and well, having one pair of shoes is pretty darned sad! LOL The socks are not cheap either ---they are around $13 a pair! I have 4 pairs of socks but I only can wash clothes once every week or so... In between, the socks get a spritz with some dollar store fabric freshener and deodorant....I know, yucky huh?

Speaking of dollar stores, I don't even know if such a thing exists but I do a lot of shopping for cleaning supplies and some basic house items at Dollar Tree. A gift card or certificate for them would be terrific too! As would be a Wal Mart card...I get cat food, my food and almost anything else I need there too...they have the little motorized carts that I can use to get around.

I also would still love a Catholic Bible. The lady with whom I had brief contact last year never followed through. I still use my other Bible but being a Catholic having the special version for Catholics would ease my heart. A small statue or a medal of St Francis of Assisi would be much appreciated as well -- I have sorta adopted him as my Patron because of my affinity for animals.

An extremely lightweight vacuum cleaner would make my life easier and my house cleaner. My normal, heavy vac became too hard for me to use and the little stick vac/electric broom thing that I got from my dad bit the dust -- probably literally with having to pick up after cats. But I have to keep things clear even if it is hard because the lungs can't handle dust. (It takes me up to three hours to vacuum my 500 sq ft apt and the kitchen is not carpeted! LOL )

I know this is a long list and it's still a long shot that anyone will be able to help. As before I would ask that all families with children be adopted BEFORE my name is even considered. Kids have to have Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

got the boxes -- thank you SO much...the pots are beautiful and I can't wait to try the sewing machine.

Right now I am not able to stay in my apartment because the AC is broken! It got to 100 degrees in there so me and the cats are temporarily by my parents.

PLEASE let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to help you out. You've been so supportive and good to me, I really would love to be able to assist you in return!

Thinking of you and thanking God for sending you to me.

It's Pulmonary Hypertension and some sort of unspecified Obstructive Lung Disease. According to the doctors both are *PROBABLY* related to my Sleep Apnea which is related to my size. (Though hospital food helped me lose about 12 pounds in 2 weeks and I am at my lowest weight in 10 years! LOL Some side effect!)
Despite doing every test in the book (Haha, the resident that was taking care of me actually showed me his little pocket book of conditions and tests etc.) except a Lung Biopsy (apparently, they are 99% sure it is not cancer, so they did not want to risk a biposy where they have to knock me out considering all the other problems I have.) They actually did a couple of the tests twice!
And indcidentally, I was stuck for IVs, arterial blood gasses and other procedures 21 times...and they took 26 vials of blood!
I was the Mystery Diagnosis of the month -- I was even presented at a Lung Conference to see if anyone there had an idea of what else they could do to get a more specific diagnosis...but alas, I remain a mystery...*sigh* I know they say women should be a little mysterious but this is ridickerous...hehe. I am trying to keep my sense of humor since I find this hard to swallow.
I know you were trying to find me some help and I was totally unable to get back to you or get emails for two weeks...because I just got back from two weeks in the hospital --- I have lung problems and I am going to have to be on home oxygen. They also prescribed medicines that would cost about $1000.00 a month. Since my income is ZERO dollars a bodes not so well for me.

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Carol + 5

Carol R, Ashli, William, Amber, Alexa, Connor

Email: crandall0523

Location: Pre-Katrina - I lived in St. Bernard Parish, just outside of New Orleans
Post-Katrina – Lived in California for a year.
Currently – Living in a Fema trailer in Picayune, MS

Number if Household: Six
Carol – 41 years old
Ashli – 21 years old
William – 19 years old
Amber – 13 years old
Alexa – 1 year old
Connor – 7 months old

Situation: I rented in St. Bernard prior to the hurricane. We lost everything except for a couple days worth of clothes. I had renters insurance which doesn’t cover flood, therefore they didn’t pay me anything. Because I had renters insurance, Fema did not pay me either other than rental assistance until I got into the Fema trailer.
After the storm hit and we were here and there for 3 weeks, we went to CA upon the request of some friends to stay with them. I was able to get my kids into a temporary stable environment and back into school (my son was a senior and my daughter in 6th grade). We finally found an apartment and ended up staying in CA for a year waiting to see if we could get a Fema trailer back home.
We got the Fema trailer in August 06 and moved back. My employer held my job for me, however now I am traveling 40 minutes each way. I used to be 10 minutes from work. I cannot afford the high rents so we are still in a Fema trailer.
I am trying to find a higher paying job so we can get an apartment, but right now all of my income is consumed by utilities, gas to travel to and from work, food and other bills. Our lives are still far from settled.
We applied for Fema, Red Cross and Salvation Army help.
Like others, we received a debit card from the Red Cross just after the storm and used that for clothing, etc. We received help from a church in CA of furniture, food gift cards, etc. but had to give the furniture away to other evacuees when we moved back to MS.
My husband lost his job in January 07 and with the stress of the hurricane and then that, our marriage didn’t survive. He and I have been separated for 4 months, so I am going this alone now. Trying to do all I can for my children, grandchildren and myself.
Any help would be greatly appreciated especially with the holidays coming.

Current living arrangements: Fema trailer in Picayune, MS

Help Rec’d: Rental assistance from Fema while renting (now in Fema trailer)
Food Stamps after storm (for 6 months)
Red Cross debit card in 9/05
$100 from Resurrection Life Church toward utility bills

Needs: Any food or household supplies

Amber - 12/14
Alexa – 24 months
Connor – 12 months

Gift Cards:
Walmart (for food or other items)
As I said before, I know that many people think that everyone who went through Katrina must be settled by now, but that is far from true. We struggle daily with the loss of our town, community of friends and just dealing with the fact that overnight our lives have been changed forever...but in the end through our own determination and the help and kindness of others, our lives will be repaired and hopefully we will be stronger human beings. We have learned that there are wonderful people in this world such as you, who can and will make a difference in many lives...and on behalf of myself and my family, I thank you for that.

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Christie S + 2

Christie, Husband and Son
Email: Sutfinmom @
Location: Hattiesburg,ms
Number in Household - 3 husband (disabled) 45; son(several learning disabilities)8; self(disabled)31
Situation - rented mobile home during storm it was ruined. Between my grandfather and me we got a small 3 bedroom trailer for our family. no fema help
Needs - I am in serious need of electric assistance
we live on disability and its hard just to make ends meet and now my husbands sister is dying of cancer they also need help. I worked until I was diagnosed with dysplasic hips on both legs.
***need electric and gas bill help all of or agencies are out of funds Please help!**
Any help would be a God send!

boy(9): electronic games and board games, army, eyeclopse--
mens med. shirt,
mens 40x30 pants,
mens 9 1/2 shoe, socks
mens large Underwear ( colored boxer briefs)

girl(12): make-up, lisa frank sets(stickers&stationary), music, purses--
ladies med. tops,
ladies 9 1/2 shoe, socks
jr. size 14/16 pants

size 22/24 womens pants ,
xxl shirts,
10 shoe, socks
40D bra,
10 panties

Husband (46)
size 2 or 3 XL underwear (regular briefs colored) ,
socks have to be really stretchy feet swell bad!,
shirts 6XL,
pants 5XL

Family Needs
towels, wash clothes,
laundrey soap,
bath soap, shampoo
Dish Soap etc.

it is so hard just to catch up i dont think i ever will thank goodness for people who care!

Stores wal-mart. mostly at the discount stores to make money last a little longer


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