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Real People Relief is for individuals, families and groups who wish to help a person or family directly, with no "middle man" "Be The Change" Ghandi "I pray that I may not be tempted, by indifference or selfishness to withhold from others the help I have received." Author Unknown to me

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cheryl B

Cheryl B; Terceira

Email: bluebiloxi20022001

Location: I lived in Long Beach MS before the storm and now I live in Biloxi I plan on staying in MS for a long time as long as I can survive

Number in Household: Terceira, Female, 4 Cheryl, Female, 39

Situation: My daughter and I have moved about 6 times since the storm I finally got an apartment but have truble paying my bills. My daughter has asthma and I suffer from Bipolar and I have no family and friends to help me with my daughter when she is sick so I have missed time at work plus I am having problems getting my meds so there are times it is really hard for me to function.

Current Living Arrangements: - Apartment

Help: FEMA, St Vincent


Foods - non-perishable only
Paper Products - Napkins, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels
Household Supplies - Light Bulbs, Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags, Trash Bags, Cook Ware, BED, Assistance With Bills, PLUS if I can have anything in this world I would love a HOME of my own for my daughter can play and have a pet that we lost in the storm
Gas Cards
Stores You Shop At: Walmart

My name is Cheryl and I have a 4 1/2 yr old soon to be 5 on the 1 st of Jan and I don't have the means to get Christmas. My job has cut my hours down to 3 days a week, I am 3 car payments behind and I am in the hole in my checking account and I just dont know what to do. If you need a list of what she would like please let me know. God Bless Cheryl

11/26 - am waiting for her to check her mail again to get the list - L

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Miriam W, Shanthenia, Alexis, Mia and 2 dogs
Location: - Lived in Mobile, AL. Now in Prichard, AL not sure i would love to be settled working and at peace
Number in Household: - me-35, shanthenia -13, alexis-8, mia-7 all females 2 dogs rosie and sophia both females
Situation: Our house flooded and because I was a renter I didnt get as much help as the person who owned the house. And what I did get I used for rent until the house was cleaned and fixed. Once we got back in a few months later, my 13yr old girl was sexaully assaulted and we had to move. Well we didnt have to - I chose to move because the guy stayed around the corner and I didnt feel my child should suffer any more from him waiting on the police to do their investigation.
So I found a nice man who let us move into one of his houses and pay him rent in parts. I'm also in the hole so as you can see there really will not be a Christmas for my girls. I'm separated, no job, fighting a disability case in court, I get very little a month in child support.
I applied for a sub position at the school board and passed but I cant afford to pay for the background check and transcripts and sub certificates that I have to have before I can be placed on a job.
I just want to get Christmas help for my three girls.
Current Living Arrangements: - renting a house and i start receiving section 8 on the 15 of this month
Help: - I've gotten summer clothes and some household items
Pet Supplies - Dry Dog Food, Flea control stuff
Paper Products - Napkins, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, etc. all if its not asking to much
School Supplies - paper, pencils, crayons and long sleeve school shirts (red,dark blue or white)
Cleaning Supplies - bleach and pinesol
Household Supplies - drinking glasses or cups, spoons and forks
shanthenia-13 size 18/20 xl, shoe size 10.5 adult
alexis-8 size 10/12 preteen girls, shoe size 2.5 girls
mia-7 size 7/8 girls. shoe size 12.5/1
Stores you shop at for possible gift cards or gift registry walmart,kmart, target

sorry it's taken awhile to get back to you, but we have moved. We were staying with someone who stole from us so we had to stay in a shelter and now we have been blessed with a home, so we are starting over again but we have a roof over our head.

i've gotten some help from some very lovely big hearted people and i'm so very thankful. but it seems a dark cloud follows my sun. i applied for a sub job with the school and was offered a job if i got the materials needed to work for the system you know background, diploma tb test and other things, well i didnt have it because right now i'm only getting 52.62 a week in child support.
i've been out of work fighting my disability case, it didnt work out but my dr found what may have been causing my problem all these years we hope i have surgery on 1-11-07.
ok i keep drifting off well the nice angel on here made it possible for me to get the stuff needed for the job but it took awhile to get the money so they had put someone else in the spot and now i'm waiting for a opening to come up. i thought that was gonna be my way to have a xmas and get winter clothes and things, oh let me say i got 75.00 from gbangels and i bought three packs of underwear, four long sleeve school shirts and a pair of school shoes for my baby girl.
i dont know if i was wrong to do that i know i was to buy toys but they really needed those things and i still wrapped them. they are very good kids so i pray they understand why mommy did it. but i'm trying to see if any one has any used boots or tights. i cant buy them because my light bill is 149. and my water bill is 64. so as you can see i have nothing to spare but i've asked for a raise on my child support and after my surgery i'll be back on the job hunt.
i know we are so blessed and are a lot better than we were a few months back so if we can be last on the list its ok.
if any winter clothes are availible my kids are size 8 girls, 12 girls, and 1x adult. they will need the winter clothes because i'm not sure the gas will be on next month i try to pay lights and water and put what i can on the gas bill.
thank you for letting me post.
i'm with other groups but if anyone helps i'll let you guys know. again thank you and God bless

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Jessica L

Jessica L; Johnathon

Email: jeessiiee_77 @
Location: I was in Kenner. Am now in Metairie, LA. I hope to have ound a sense of stability that has not returned since more than a year ago.
Number in Household: Jessica (29), Johnathon (10)
Situation: I evacuated for about 2 months, moved to an apartment near family - it burned. Moved to another apartment with friends, lived in my car and in a FEMA for 2 weeks. Finally found an apartment to share with a roommate who left in September without giving notice or rent. I've been working 7 days a week at 2 jobs trying to catch up. We are still sleeping on air mattresses.
Current Living Arrangements: 800/mo 1 bedroom apartment (was 450 before storm
Help Received: FEMA, Red Cross, Miami FL TV station

Food: - Anything would be greatly appreciated
Paper Products: paper towels, napkins, TP
School Supplies: My son has only 1 uniform and I don't have daily access to a washer/dryer.
Johnathon - age 10
Shoes - Men's size 10-10.5
Shirts - L or XL
Pants - 36x30
He loves button down shirts and dark colors. (I'll find out what the school uniform is as well)
Jessica - age 29
Shoes - size 11
Shirts L or XL
Pants - 16-18
I need jeans desparately, and also need clothes for casual business (slacks and dress blouses) "Tall" works best, but can wear "average".
Household Supplies: We still need cookware and bakeware.
Stores You Shop At: Target, WalMart, KMart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Linens and Things.

Johnathon and I are living in West Monroe, LA with my mom.
My dad has recently passed away.
We came up here in December after the business I was working for closed due to the landlord raising the rent.
After that I just decided to take a break from New Orleans and come and spend some time with my father who had cancer. So since his passing we have stayed to try to help.
Not too many employment opportunities up here so help this Christmas would be great. He is 11 and he loves video games, the Saints, football.

The Real List!
any WWE action figures or anything to do with WWE or wrestling
Jeans: 34 x 29; Shirts - men's medium or boys XL
any transformers
Ladder Match (WWE)
Modern Warfare (video game for xbox)
Call of Duty (video game for xbox)
The NOLA Saints

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ginger, et al

Ginger B, Christine, Valory, Sara, Robin, Brittany, Kodey, Nick

Location: Lucedale, MS
In one year’s time, Ginger hopes to have a place of their own for herself, Sara and Valory.
Number in Household: 8
Baby Girl: 5 y.o. female dog.
Sunny: Baby Girl’s pup - 6 months old.
Gypsy: 1 y.o. dog
Some times it is hard to feed them, they do not get as much as they need from table scraps.
Dogs needs: Flea & tick collars, shampoos, any kinda canned dog food, heart worm and worm medicine.
Situation: Three weeks prior to Katrina, Ginger, Sara & Valory moved in with Christine, out of necessity of needing housing. Robin and her children moved in with Christine February 06, as her home has mold
Crowded living arrangements causing ill feelings, affecting the children’s grades. Children had no Christmas or birthdays since Katrina.

Christine applied for FEMA right after Katrina 05, denied. Not enough damage, though the trailer leans & leaks.
Current Living Arrangements: All 8 of us living in Christine’s 14x80, 3-bedroom trailer. Christine & Robin share a room. Boys sleeping on living room couch & floor. Sometimes all the kids sleep on the living room floor.
Two older girls sleep on a mattress on the floor of one bedroom. Ginger and Valory share one bedroom.

Help Received: food stamps. All children are on Medicaid. A local church.
Needs: Ginger and her children need a home. Robin and her children need help cleaning their home.
Foods – (even with food stamps we do run low, or out before the next month)
Canned goods: whole kernel corn, sweet peas, pork & beans, tomato's, tomato paste, tuna, chicken, beef, pork, mixed fruit, peaches, pears, evaporated milk, mixed veggies, potted meats, beanie weenies, soups, spaghetti sauce, pasta.
Jell-o, puddings, coffee, tea (regular and herbal), coffee creamer, sugar, flour, spices, seeds to grow herbs.
Jellies would be good (any).
The children would be tickled over any type of sweet goodies, they say no licorice, please.
Paper Products – Napkins, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Paper plates, Wet wipes.
School Supplies – notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, loose notebook paper, binders, book bags, crayons, erasers, glue.
Computer Supplies – paper, ink Lexmark Z23 (black & color)

Cleaning Supplies – Windex, Dish washing liquid, Surf laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, Dial liquid soap, 409, comet, latex gloves (size large), broom, rag mop, dust pan. Toilet brush.
Household Supplies – light bulbs, air fresheners, 13 gallon garbage bags, batteries (AAA-C), freezer bags (zip lock type, quart & gallon size), zip lock type sandwich bags, Lysol, coffee filters. Stores you shop at Wal-Mart & Local groceries.
Personal items - Deodorant, feminine products (pads), shampoo & conditioner, soaps, razors, baby oil, baby powder, hairspray, body wash/scrubs, body spray (guys and gals), lotions, Tylenol, Aleve, cough syrup, cold and sinus medicine

Christine: 69
Pinks, Blues & earth tones.
size 24 pants/jeans and shirts (button ups or T-shirts).
Bra - 44D (no under wire please, white or beige) Panties - Size 13 any color (she likes the silky fabric, rather than the cotton).
Shoes - 10 wide. Socks - ankle socks size 10 women's (tennis & dress).
Mother says she would love an electrical drill with both forward and reverse.

Ginger: 46
Purples & earth tones.
size 3X-5X in t-shirts (Ginger is long waisted, so over-long shirts would be more appropriate than shorter shirts, this one is a girlie girl, likes frills...loves sweaters when cold weather.).
28 tall women's, in pants/jeans, 3X in stretch pants and shorts.
Bra - 44DD (no under wire please, any color) is allergic to fiberfill, no need of padded bras.
Socks - Size ladies 9/10 anklets and crew cut (any color).
Shoes – 8 1/2 Wide/Extra wide (hard to fit, as wide foot and high instep) (tennis & dress)

Robin: 32
Black (think subtle goth style)
Shirts/T's size S-M.
Skirts/pants/jeans size 0-4 women's.
Bra - 36A
Panties - Ladies size 6/7
Socks - Ladies size 9/912
Shoes - 9/10 (tennis & dress)
Would love to have hair accessories and scrunchies.

School uniforms for children: Khaki, navy for pants, skirts and jumpers. Navy, light blue & Maroon for shirts. Socks - white, navy, maroon.
Sizes as follows.
Also, Brittany had all our cosmetics with her during a sleep over, and left them in the car, her things were stolen, along with all of our make up. If anyone would like to send any make up, she would feel so much better about it. (email me for types)

Brittany: 15 years.

Camouflage, pinks, blues.
Shirts/T's size M-L ladies.
Skirts/pants/jeans size ladies 6/7
Bra - 36B
Panties - ladies 6/7 (any color)
Socks - ladies 9-91/2 anklet & crew (white for school, any color for home).
Shoes - women's size 9-10 (tennis & dress).
Would love to have hair accessories and scrunchies.
Brittany's Christmas Wish
Clothes and make up.CD's - Country & RapDVD's - Comedy & Horror

Kodey: 14 years.
Red, black, & green.
Shirts/T's - boys size L
Pants/shorts/jeans - size boys 18 regular
Boxers only - size 16/18 (any color).
Socks - 9-91/2 crew (white school and any color)
Shoes - men size 91/2 - 10 1/2 (tennis & dress).

Kodey's Christmas Wish
Model Cars & Airplanes
Playstation-II Games
DVD's - something 13 year old boys would like.

Sara: 13 years.
Pinks, blues.
Shirts/T's size M-L ladies.
Skirts/pants/jeans size ladies 6/7
Bra - 36B - 36C (any pastel color)
Panties - ladies 6/7 (any color)
Socks - ladies 9 - 91/2 anklet & crew (white for school, any color forhome)
Loves toe socks.
Shoes - women's size 9 - 9 1/2 (tennis & dress).
Would love to have hair accessories and scrunchies.

Sara's Christmas Wish
Jewelry or stuffed animals.
Something pretty to sit on her dresser or something she can use.
CD's Country (her favorites are Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Nelly and Kid's Pick)
She just had her ears pierced, and would love to have some earrings.Make up and finger nail polish.

Nick: 11 years.
Yellow, blue & orange.
Shirts/T's - boys size L.
Pants/shorts/jeans - size boys 16 husky.
Boxers only - size 14/16 (any color).
Socks - 9-9 1/2 crew (white school and any color)
Shoes - size 8 1/2 - 9 (tennis & dress).

Nick's Christmas Wish
X-Box Games
Playstation-II Games

Valory: 7 years.
Purples, reds/magenta, blues, (just any, she named off the rainbow)
Jumpers/dresses - size 12 -14 chubby.
Shirts/T's - child's size Large
Pants/shorts/jeans - size 12 - 14 chubby.
Socks - anklet & knee highs (white, navy maroon for school, and any color for home)
Loves toe socks.
Shoes - girls size 10 wide or 5 1/2 = actually better to fit her, than not.
Would love to have hair accessories and scrunchies.

Valory's Christmas Wish
Children's DVD's (she loves watching these!)
Brat dolls
Coloring Books
Hand computer like games such a a Game Boy and games.

Christine: 70 years.
Pinks, Blues & earth tones.
size 24 pants/jeans and shirts (button ups or T-shirts).
Bra - 44D (no under wire please, white or beige) Panties - Size 13
any color (she likes the silky fabric, rather than the cotton).
Shoes - 10 wide. Socks - ankle socks size 10 women's (tennis & dress).

* Mother-Christine says if you have an old ladies Christmas wish list, she would love an warm winter blanket, however her bed is a king.

Ginger: 47 years.
Purples & earth tones.
size 3X-5X in t-shirts (Ginger is long waisted, so over long shirts would be more appropriate than shorter shirts, this one is a girlie girl, likes frills...loves sweaters when cold weather.).
28 tall women's, in pants/jeans, 3X in stretch pants and shorts.
Bra - 44DD (no under wire please, any color), is allergic to fiberfill, no need of padded bras.
Socks - Size ladies 9/10 anklets and crew cut (any color).
Shoes - 81/2 Wide/Extra wide (hard to fit, as wide foot and high instep) ( tennis & dress)

A Christmas wish from me would include any item that is for crafting, as I do enjoy decoupage, crotchet, knitting, painting, drawing and other creative crafts.

Robin: 33 years.
Black (think subtle goth style with this one.)
Shirts/T's size S-M.
Skirts/pants/jeans size 0-4 women's.
Bra - 36A (any color & black)
Panties - Ladies size 6/7
Socks - Ladies size 9/912
Shoes - 9/10 (tennis & dress)

Would love to have hair accessories and scrunchies. Or a warm ski suit, since she freezes even down here.

I'm writing online articles for
I've been asked to be one of their proofreaders as soon as they have the system set up, which will mean more money and a diversion from continually writing, so that will make a nice change.
They are also soon to begin a new Choose a Writer program and then clients will be able to choose the writer they want to work with, rather than sending a request and it being randomly picked by a first come first serve basis or the open bin.

This means that we will be able to charge our own rates, we also have an option to set our price, yet be able to negotiate with the client concerning the request and the amount they pay.

This will also mean more money. Thank goodness. :)

So, if you run into anyone who needs an article, send them on over and tell them to look for Ginger. :D

The kids are growing, Sara just had her 13th birthday. School is in, and they seems to be doing good, so that's great. Valory loves the first grade and her teacher and is progressing nicely with a B average for her age.

I decided to just go ahead and buy me a storage building when they were on sale at Lowe's. Hoping to have my stuff here at mom's while not having to continue with unit rental. However, I've not been fortunate enough to have someone help me build it yet, so it's still in the box. I'm hoping as it gets cooler that I will be able to round up some help, so I can stop having to pay a monthly storage fee. Then I'll put that money into the savings for a place to live.

It's wild how time flies, I hadn't realized how much time has past.

Well, the situation with my friend didn't work out, but it's ok...

I was personally invited to a work site for hiring writers.
Seems like real nice people and a real nice place.
No fees to join, plenty of work. However they are particular about their writers being quaility writers.

Actually, being on dial up slows me down a bit, but I have been able to catch some interesting subjects to write about.
It feels good!

I bought a bag of potting soil, but am gonna have to get another before it's all over with, for the container gardening.

I like to plant and transplant with the phases of the moon, I miss last months new moon, but plan to get some planting in during the next new moon.

Although, Valory came in with a poor dead plant that they had planted at school, so I did plant some mint seeds in that, so there would be something growing for her.
They are beginning to sprout out now.

Well, I just wanted to give a little update, since it's been awhile.

Ya'll all take care, and watch out for those scammers, their on this like hungry dogs. So before you just click them an email back, go to google or any search engine, type in their email address + spam and if they are frauds you should know fairly soon.

Do not give your info out to just anyone, cause there are folks out there just preying on anyone they feel they can.

Take care and keep smiling, before too much longer, it'll be better!
3/29 I'm thinking I might just see if I can find some pots and just make a container garden, and not worry about the ground, as far as planting goes.
The kids liked the candy. Thanks!
There's a church here that has a yard sale every so often, we went there this weekend and bought some things.
I'm talking with a friend, he works on a ship, but he wants to fix houses and sell them. He wants me to look into doing that and we'll partner up.
He'll foot the money, if I foot the brain work.
I'll have to research to learn how to do it, then fill him in on what's what.
He wants to buy a house.
He'll let me and the kids live there, so someone's there while he's on the sea.
He works 4 1/2 months, and is only home for 2 weeks, and he wants someone in the house so no one messes around while he's out.
We're just talking right now, so i don't really know to much more.
So, we'll see how this pans out.

I decided to put some of our things that are packed in storage up for auctions on ebay. I've sold 14 items so far. And have more up now.
We have some things that haven't been used in awhile, and I see that they might be better used in this way to help us, than to just sit in containers waiting for us to find a home of our own.
I plan to add as I am able to afford the fees, as I am not one to get in to far over my head with debt. So, I pay as I go, rather than let it build up to much owing the fees. And I'd rather pay that this way, than to let them collect from my small bank account.
I've talked with someone who is wanting to sell off her webstore inventory, and we've worked out a payment plan that helps both of us get what we want and need for this issue. It's not a great deal of things, but it does take money to make money they say, and I find this true.
I wish I knew how to fill out grant forms, and I'd apply for a grant to help build a business, so if anyone knows and would like to share any tips or links for learning how to apply for grants (single mother or business) please let me know. You can email me, but you'll have to make some reference to this in your subject line as I don't open emails from someone I don't know, or someone who uses a good reference that I know to look for in the emails.
We as a group have gone through many different winter illnesses, getting someone better and someone else getting ill with the same or something different. Thank goodness for Medicaid, as I have no idea how we would be able to get them in to see a Dr. when they need to go.
The kids have their days. Some days are good days. Being cooped up in the house because of cold weather hasn't helped much as they aren't able to just go outside and play. Being cramped up inside sometimes leads to short tempers with all the kids. We try to keep them busy, or just calmed down.
It'll get better as it warms up, so they can spend more time outdoors.
Things are about the same as before, their school grades have picked up a little, but not much. Being in such a small place makes it hard for them to get into finishing up their homework.
Sara has started biting her nails again.
Valory, bless her heart sometimes wets the bed now. I read somewhere, that there were many that have started doing this since Katrina. (which is very sad that all these little people, children are suffering so much because of the effects that it's had on families.)
Brittany's temper has gotten very short, and she finds it hard to just listen to adults, which may just be a teenage thing, but I think if she wasn't cooped up like this it wouldn't be so hard on her. Kodey has brought his grades back up some, but he can do so much better. I think he's bored, but I'm not really sure. Every once in awhile he will wet the bed, I'm not sure why this is, maybe he dreams he's at school. (I've heard other children tell this when they wet the bed and were bigger kids.)
Nick is just Nick, he keeps himself busy with computer games, sometimes he's so quite you'd not know he's around, but sometimes shew! He picks on Valory sometimes. I'm not sure why, maybe that he's not the little fellow in the house and there's someone smaller to pick on. She goes back at him most times, sometimes she just cries.
We try to make the best of whats going on here.
I'd leave if I had somewhere to go. If it were just me, I'd just live in my car or the tent, but I have to think about my children, and I really don't want to live in my car or the tent.
It's just hard being crammed into one small trailer with so many people.
We are always washing clothes and dishes, sometimes we can talk the kids into helping, but most of the time it's one big hassle to get some help. Valory seems to be more help than the bigger kids, and I hope that 'not wanting to help' does not rub off on her.
They are all good kids, they are just having a hard time right now, which is understandable, it's hard on us grown people. And we wish and do what we can to make it better for them.

Things are about the same here.It is a new year!I'm learning eBay in hopes that there might be a be of income for us, by selling a lot of stuff from our storage unit. I see no sense in our things just sitting in a unit, with no home to be loved in, so I figure I'll see what I can sell. Out with the old and in with the new I suppose. I'm waiting for some people to pay me for my writing.I only know to just keep trying, and somehow I'll come upon where I'm supposed to be.We just need a home of our own, and somehow, we'll have one once more.

Hello Leslie,I just received a phone call from one of my cousins, she and her family always adopt a Christmas angel off the Wal-Mart trees, since she is an associate. This year she happened to mention it to her mother, who had been talking with my mother, Christine, and found out that we were having a difficult time this season. She called to let me know that they would like to adopt Valory as their Christmas Angel.I wanted to let you know, now to find the kleenex.
12/12 Update
Things are about the same.Though, I was able to get Sara some makeup and Valory a Dora Explorer hand game, and a couple of stuffed monkeys, for Christmas. So far Robin hasn't come up with Christmas for hers though, but there's still a few more days. It may not be much, but hopefully they will have a little something.I feel a bit better now that I have the girls a few things.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Shannon W

Shannon W; Trey; Champ

Email: Bamaladyal

Location: Bayou La Batre AL

Situation: Lost everything in Katrina. Now my dad is dying of cancer. Lost my job trying to take care of my dad. No hospice or anything like that around here.

Number in Household: - 3, Shannon, Trey, Shannon's mother (13), Champ (dog)

Clothes - My size is large shirt size 9/10 paints, size 7 shoes.
Mother - same size
Trey's sizes is small man, size18 boys paints,
Food - all non-perishable please and dry dog food for Champ
Household Items - Cookware, Bakeware, Plates, Silverwhere, all cleaning supplies
Bathroom supplies - Pull-ups for her mother - ulcerative cholitis that is no longer operable
gas or gas cards for trips to doctor.

11/1 Shannon's dad passed away about 6 months ago. Since then, she has had to take care of her mother, who has had 4 surgeries in recent weeks for ulcerative cholitis. Hospice is back in the area and assisting, but there is still so much that is needed.

Christmas is weighing heavily on her. Please consider assisting.

3/24 Just heard from Shannon - through IM:
hi .how have you been. just got dad home from hospital. things have really been tough. it is just a matter of time before he is going to be with the lord. i have made peace with it but its still hard
I still need everything for my home. well got to run got a small job got to do thank the lord.

We need everything bedding, bath things, cookware, plates, silverware just anything to go in a house - the house is fixed, so all we need are the things to live in it some to move back in.
Daddy is doing the same. Better than worse, I suppose.

Dear Leslie I got a small job. Just 3 hours a day. I just hope Daddy keeps doing better. The job in real close to my father - maybe 2 min. You know we have to drive to Mobile to the docter's - its about 60 miles round trip. Gas is getting hard to make, and so is food. I could use some gas giftcards and some walmart, CVS ,or Target giftcard for meds. I use walmart more. It is cheaper, but CVS is just 5min from my house.

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